Areas of Hanoi - the name, description, photos Hanoi areas where tourists stay

Areas of Hanoi

Areas of Hanoi

Interested districts of Hanoi? According to the map, the capital of Vietnam consists of 10 urban districts and 18 counties.

Name and description of the main areas

  • Cau Giay: it is recommended to visit the traditional floating markets and shamanistic rites of the tribe Tau (in the museum you will be able to inspect the items of folk art and costumes, as well as a loom at the exhibition; the whole exhibition consists of 15,000 items), which are depicted on the walls of the Vietnam Ethnology Museum.
  • Ba Dinh: In this area visitors will be interested in the objects of the Presidential Palace (although the interior of the building is not allowed, will be able to walk through the botanical gardens of the palace, and the tickets will cost them 5,000 VND), the Fine Arts Museum (exhibition presented the findings of the Neolithic period, samples of ancient sculpture, folk art, works of art of the 20th century) and the museum of military history (museum funds hold 150,000 artifacts - real objects, used in the military battles, in the form of equipment, transportation, machines of different models).
  • Hoan Kiem: famous for the Museum of Vietnamese Women (you will be asked to admire the 25,000 costumes, craft goods, jewelery, as well as to see the documents testifying to the significant contribution of women to the development of culture), the Cathedral of St. Joseph's Cathedral (a Gothic structure with two towers, a height greater than 30 m, against which you can make a few photos, here you will be able to see the statue of the Virgin Mary, and in the courtyard - enjoy tea and enjoy live music) and the lake of the same name (thanks to the clean and clear water here, you can easily see the black turtle). As the lake is located in the center of the park, should come here to walk and actively spend time near the water. In addition, tourists are recommended to explore the temple Den Ngoc Son (installed at the entrance of the tower in the form of a pen, on the upper section 3 which Chinese characters are depicted - their pleasure decipher guide accompanying you on excursions).

Getting acquainted with the sights of Hanoi,should pay attention to the Temple of Literature (inland has 5 courtyards: in the first you can admire the two gates in the second - to go to the Literary Hall with a bronze bell inside, and in the third - to walk through the halls with stored there temple treasures), located in the area Dong Da.

Where to stay tourists

It is worth noting that Hanoi is famous for relativecheap, and even the most modest accommodation facilities please guests free access to the Internet. Tourists who are interested in a cheap hotel, cafes and shops, it is recommended to pay attention to the placement of funds in the Old Quarter.

Many vacationers settle in the immediateproximity to Lake of the Returned Sword, but it should be noted that here found refuge among the most expensive hotels in the city (guest houses and cheap hotels it makes sense to look to the north of the lake).

Photos Hanoi area

  • Areas of Hanoi
  • Areas of Hanoi
  • Areas of Hanoi

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