Transport in Ho Chi Minh City. Public transport in Ho Chi Minh City - species development

Transport in Ho Chi Minh City

Transport in Ho Chi Minh City

The transport system in Ho Chi Minh different amazing development, so tourists can easily get to any interesting place for themselves in the city.


Currently, the network is served by busthirty different companies. Number of routes reaches 115. On the bus ride to any place in Ho Chi Minh City, but you should know the route. To keep track, in the salons of buses taken place movement scheme presented as a series of city streets and stops, and outside you can see the route number and the name of the start, end points, but only in Vietnamese. Most vehicles has a high comfort level, because they can be air conditioning.

The fare depends on the length of the route. The minimum price is 5,000 VND. Be prepared for the fact that for a large luggage is accepted to pay extra.


Many tourists say that transport inHo Chi Minh City developed, but prefer a taxi, noting the high speed drive and the ability to get to any place in the city in the shortest possible time. In each case, the rate per kilometer. In order not to fall for scams tricks should give preference to reliable firms.

  • Mai Linh. Cars are different white, silver or green and can be a green label on the windshield.
  • Vinasun. The machine performs in white and are distinguished by the presence of green, red lettering.
  • Vinataxi. Cars of the company - yellow.
  • Savico. Machines are different blue.
  • Taxi Future. Cars can only be silver.
  • Petro Vietnam. In this case, you should look for a silver car with green lettering.
  • Petrolimex. Cars come in two varieties: white, blue or orange lettering.

Be prepared for the fact that in our time in Ho Chi Minh Cityoperating companies forgery. Take maximum attention! You can take a motorcycle taxi, if you want to feel the adrenaline and enjoy high speed. The price should be established before the start of the trip.

transport Rentals

You can rent a bike. Remember that in Ho Chi Minh made to report the cost of rental per day. With motorcycles simply because the police are going to make concessions to tourists. For the legal management of the machines must have a driver's license issued in Vietnam.


  • Transport in Ho Chi Minh City
  • Transport in Ho Chi Minh City
  • Transport in Ho Chi Minh City

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