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Diving in Vietnam

Diving in Vietnam

Diving in Vietnam is becoming morea popular pastime among tourists who choose this country for holiday vacations. And if before Vietnam was not even considered as a country with interesting dive sites, but now everything has changed.

Nha Trang

The largest resort area of ​​the country, surprising becauseits pristine beauty. Here it is situated the main dive sites in Vietnam. A huge number of different varieties of corals (350) created the magnificent gardens, which have become home to numerous species of shrimp, crab and fish cowries.

In Nha Trang, thanks to the excellent climateconditions can dive all year round. But the most favorable period - from April to mid-autumn. Especial popular waters of Mun Island.

Keith Island

In a couple of hours drive from the Nha Trang is an islandWhale. The local dive sites are quite unique underwater landscapes, and the water is so clear that even beginners in diving can sink to the bottom, not at all afraid. Diving Zone begins almost immediately from the beach, and the bottom gradually descends to a depth of 15 meters.

Phu Quoc

The largest island of the archipelago of Vietnam, becoming a place of pilgrimage for divers last days of October. The main dive sites are located in opposite directions - south and north of the island.

The water area of ​​the northern tip of the island, where he livesquite a lot of sea turtles will be interesting in historical terms. Among the coral gardens near Cape nail you can admire the remains of ancient civilizations, as well as to visit the wrecks - ships, gone to the bottom during the Second World War.

The southern end of the island offers morenumber of places for diving. Equally comfortable to both beginners and professionals. Here, there are caves, and caves, and numerous coral reefs. Those who like vertical descents - a sheer rock wall. From the "living creatures" - colorful fish, reef sharks and stingrays soaring.

Con Dao

Con Dao is a nationalPreserve located three hundred kilometers from the mainland area. Fourteen small islands form an ideal dive site. The best time to dive - from early spring and until the month of June. Visibility in this period of almost 20 meters.

The local water is not recommended to submergebeginners, as around the islands of fairly strong currents. In general, Con Dao - a unique place. Coral reefs, starting almost from the coast, steep walls that go deep down stokilogrammovye shark and wreck. One of the ships is preserved quite well, but the second is almost completely entered sand and became a refuge for many fish.


  • Diving in Vietnam
  • Diving in Vietnam
  • Diving in Vietnam

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