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Features Vietnam

Features Vietnam

Vietnam - one of the most attractiveof Southeast Asia. Not surprisingly, the features of the local people's life are unique. What are the national characteristics of Vietnam should be aware of the tourists?

The nuances of behavior Vietnamese

Vietnamese residents are accustomed to behave friendly,sociable and can talk very loudly than remind Moroccans. At the same time, people have a simple character, so is very easy to establish contact.

Vietnamese in the southern regions go in masks on their faces. The fact that the locals are afraid of contracting any disease, trying to protect themselves to the maximum.

Unfortunately, the Vietnamese can not imagine whatIt is actually a queue. For this reason, they are ready to get ahead of other people, even if they are much longer. These actions are due to the habit of survival and the ability to act as quickly as possible.

Prepare to be that the Vietnamese canlisten carefully, and even nod, but do not really understand you. In this regard, the need to translate into Vietnamese the right thing to say. All of the above features of mentality is manifested in the behavior of local residents.

Nuances of cleanliness and hygiene

  • Cleaning of all hotels is bad. In most cases, only made clean hair and small debris on the floor. Try to always wear slippers.
  • Each of the hotel complex there is a risk to meet with ants. Besides, no one seeks to combat these insects. In addition, on the streets with rats also did not fight.
  • Dirty water is drained directly to the outside, so there is an unpleasant smell.
  • In many cities, different pavement Vietnamshakiness. You should try to tread only on those tiles that are stable, because such an approach would protect themselves maximally.
  • Ice for the beverage made stabbing on the pavement, so squeamish people should abandon the addition of ice. However, without the addition of ice drinks cost about twice as expensive.
  • On the sidewalk made dry noodles, cabbage leaves.

If you are not a big supporter of purity and do not suffer extreme disgust, we can safely go to Vietnam and to know this extraordinary country with a truly rich culture.


  • Features Vietnam
  • Features Vietnam
  • Features Vietnam

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