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Province of Vietnam

Province of Vietnam

Despite its relative remoteness,Vietnam is among the leaders of the Asian tourism business. Airlines connect the tiny country with almost the entire world. Many of its province are ready to provide the highest level of service to tourists, local exotic flavored, making vacation here unforgettable.

Perfume Pagoda

Such a beautiful and delicious is the name of the annualFestival, which is held in the Vietnamese province of Hatay. To determine its date can be in the lunar calendar. Because of the festival continues for several months, then its time to visit the many tourists.

Perfume Pagoda is among the most ancientBuddhist shrines and historical monument of Vietnam. The festival days, thousands of pilgrims not only from different regions of the country, but throughout the world, going to the walls of the unique place of worship. Many of the pilgrims believe that the prayer for the loved ones at the walls of the pagoda will help protect the family from various disasters, to get support for a year of good spirits.

Journey to the Tower Cham

This beautiful building is located in the provincePhu Yen, Tuy Hoa city. Any arrives at this resort guest can see from afar Cham Tower, because it uses a special lighting system. And tourists waiting here sitting Buddha huge.

Tuy Hoa is ideal for a quiet family holiday hereexcellent wide beaches with golden sand and calm seas. Perhaps tourists accustomed to nightlife and rich excursion program, there will be a bit boring. But the place is ideal for people aged who are able to get pleasure from the unhurried flow of life, contemplation of beautiful scenery and exotic nature.

Mysteries of Zhejiang Province

By the amazing natural complex consistingof thousands of islands, the builders put the hands of the local hydroelectric power. Flooding of low-lying areas has led to the formation of an artificial lake with numerous small islands.

Enterprising Vietnamese instantly adaptedplace the needs of tourists by dividing the lake into separate tourist zones, each of which thematically different from its neighbors. In the southeastern part of the lake attracts attention Mingshan Hill and its beautiful landscapes. In the north-west has its tourist highlights, caves. The central part of the lake is the animal kingdom, they are named in honor of many of the lakes. Tourists are given the opportunity to engage in extreme entertainment, including up to the sky in an airship or a parachute jump.

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  • Province of Vietnam
  • Province of Vietnam
  • Province of Vietnam

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