Rest in Vietnam in January: the prices and the weather. Where to rest in Vietnam in January

Rest in Vietnam in January

Rest in Vietnam in January

If you decide to go for a vacation to VietnamEarlier this year, do not even doubt the correctness of his choice. In this exotic country is pleasant to relax at any time. Most importantly, be prepared to advance to the weather and think carefully about what you do there.

The January weather in Vietnam

The difference in air temperature between July monthJanuary and almost palpable, so January is considered a month a comfortable stay in this country. Related Vietnam climate can be divided into three areas:

  1. North Vietnam. In the north of the country in January is considered the coldest month. It is very difficult to talk about the average monthly temperature in this part of Vietnam. In Hanoi - 15C in Sapa - 5C. Sometimes, especially in the period of abnormal cold weather in Sapa at night the temperature can drop to -3S and Hanoi to 5C. Such cool periods do not last more than 2-3 weeks. Basically, most of northern Vietnam is a comfortable seating area.
  2. The middle part of Vietnam. January in the central part of Vietnam is considered a transition month. The air temperature is 20-25S, and the water temperature - 24C. During this period, due to increased cloud cover, many tourists do not bathe in the sea. There are such, when a wave of cool air coming just a few weeks. And sometimes, the air may be warmer than usual, and then the guests of this country enjoy full beach holiday.
  3. South Vietnam. In southern Vietnam, the month of January is considered the dry season, there is virtually no rain. In January and throughout the year the temperature is always high. During the day she is 25-30S, and sea temperature - 26C. Therefore, in the south you can sunbathe and swim, even in January.

Holidays in January

From that, where you're going on vacation, willIt depends on how you spend your leisure time. Rest in Vietnam in January in areas with warmer weather is usually followed by swimming and sunbathing. If you come to a cooler area, then we recommend you to the mountain entertainment.

Resting in Vietnam in January, you canvisit surf contests, and even take part in them. You can also take part in the Christmas celebrations. The people of this wonderful country celebrate the New Year on the lunar calendar - the 26th and at the beginning of January. During this period in Vietnam are great festivals of different scales. In this exciting show will be interesting to see both adults and children. Every year, Vietnam, like a magnet, attracts many tourists from different countries.

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