Rest in Vietnam in September: the prices and the weather. Where to rest in September in Vietnam

Rest in Vietnam in September

Rest in Vietnam in September

The main tourist advantages of this countryfit in a few lines - a refined nature, temple complexes, numbering more than one century, luxury hotels with well-trained personnel and at the same low prices for services. However, for such a brief enumeration is an infinite number of discoveries, you can come here more than once, each time more and more knowing the rich history and culture. Activities will take place in Vietnam to the music of rain in September, although the number of heavenly water is considerably less than in August.


The rainy season is on the wane, and many regionsVietnam can already boast of dry and warm weather. However, seasoned tourist knows that in September to relax early, jackets, raincoats or umbrellas is better to keep on hand. Forecasters brought the average temperature in September for Ho Chi Minh City, Vung Tau, Phan Thiet rate +30 ° C and no rain.

Central holiday

In September, all together and united Vietnamesepreparing to celebrate "Mid-Autumn Festival." Such a beautiful name - a tribute to the inhabitants of this pretty pore, when summed up. The main participants of the festival are the children who are on the streets of cities or villages with lighted lanterns. Of course, the ceremony can not do without the dragon and lion. The first participant of many traditional Vietnamese celebrations, and the second the predator appears dancing, that is, the children performed a lion dance, regardless of whether they are engaged in choreographic studio or do not know even primitive na.

Vietnamese bullfights

One of the most beautiful sights awaiting tourists,resting in the vicinity of Haiphong, which is reminiscent of the famous Spanish bullfighting. Only fights "Before Sleep" without human intervention, between local breeds of bulls are held here. Haiphong bullfight - it's not only the passion and excitement for fans of battles, but the religious ceremony, homage to God of Water. Therefore, the festival offers a colorful folk show with all its attributes.

Delicious art

Vietnamese cuisine can conquer anyone and everyone, and cooking is equal to the present art, which should learn many, many years, and then constantly improve.

The most famous dish, pho, noodle soup, couldtry to millions of people in different parts of the world, where there is a Vietnamese fast food. However, the true taste can be known only in their historical homeland dishes. Equally popular rolls stuffed with different fillings and exotic fish balls.

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  • Rest in Vietnam in September
  • Rest in Vietnam in September

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