Yemen Capital: card photo. What is the capital of Yemen?

Sanaa - Yemen capital

Sanaa - Yemen capital

In the southern part of the Arabian Peninsula is locatedstate, which borders Saudi Arabia and Oman. Washed by the Arabian and Red Seas, and the Indian Ocean. The capital of Yemen - the largest city in the country under the name of Sana.

A brief history of the city

Translated from the South Arabian dialect name of the city means "rugged construction". The city is located on a high plateau, whose height is 2200 meters.

The first documentary evidence of the existence of settlements in the territory of the modern capital date from the first century AD. In the fifth century, the city had the status of state capital Himyaritov.

Sana was often the object of lust differentconquerors and neighboring countries. Thus, in the sixth century, for it fought the troops of Abyssinia and Persia. During those 50 years, Sana was ruled Abyssinia, the city main cathedral was built. 628 marked the beginning of a new era in the life of the city. Its inhabitants had converted to Islam. There is a legend that the Prophet Mohammed has approved the construction of a mosque here.

For centuries, the city had the status of capital of many states. At various times, we lived here the famous ruling dynasty. In the eighteenth century, the city has its first European.

During the reign of the Ottoman Empire, the city wasvery human settlements development. There were more than 50 mosques, several baths, castle, vineyards and markets. In the twentieth century it was built a large number of houses. Look Sana'a has changed a lot. In 1990 the city became the official capital of the united Yemen.

The city's attractions

Sana can still boast plentythe number of mosques: Mosque of Salah ad-Din; Al-Bakiriya mosque; Talha mosque; Al-Mahdi mosque. Also in the capital of Yemen is one of the oldest markets in the Arab world. He called Souk Al Cat.

Tourists love to visit the Old Town. This area of ​​the city, where the most old houses and winding streets. Also in Sana'a is landmark, which previously served as the residence of Imam Yahya ibn Muhammad. At one time he had a great influence on the development of the city. The city is a very interesting object for tourism.


  • Sanaa - Yemen capital
  • Sanaa - Yemen capital
  • Sanaa - Yemen capital

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