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Bangladesh Resorts

Bangladesh Resorts

In the People's Republic of Bangladesh, one of the mostamazing performance on the planet relations space to the number of resident population: while only 92 th place in the world in the occupied territory of the country is on the eighth - on the number of inhabitants. This population density, of course, does not contribute to its prosperity, and because Bangladesh - also one of the poorest countries. Tourists I stop here, mainly in the framework of the big tours to neighboring India and Myanmar, and Bangladesh because resorts are still on the margins of the world rankings of popular holiday destinations.

The champion in all respects

In fairness it should be noted that the beachResort in Bangladesh, in the accepted sense of the word, there is only one, but it's worth to tell in detail. The coastal region of the country near the border with Myanmar called Cox's Bazar and the main attraction - the beach Inan Beach to the south of the city. Golden sand unique shade covers the tide line, the width of which reaches up to one hundred meters. But the beach length is 120 kilometers ... and Inan Beach - one of the world champions, no doubt.

Features of the national swimming

Given the characteristics of the local religions, swimming inEuropean dresses in the resort of Bangladesh officially prohibited, and can not simply be censured, but also cause a penalty of a fine. However, the vast 120-kilometer territory can always find a stretch of beach, where the usual swimsuit and even frank "bikini" will not cause censures. Quite simply, no one will give them. Those who do not want to risk a purse, it is necessary to bathe in trousers and blouses with sleeves, closing the elbow. Men, on the established traditions of the East, nothing to worry about, because their swimwear law enforcement officers are not interested.

In the capital, rickshaws

As a beach resort Bangladesh Dhakanot ideal, although comfortable, colonial-style hotel with luxurious swimming pools are available. In Dhaka made sightseeing XVII-XVIII centuries - defensive forts, ancient mosques and ancient Hindu temples. For fans of the flora will be interesting excursion to the local botanical garden, which gathered several thousand species of equatorial and tropical vegetation. The main public transport on holiday in Dhaka - rickshaws, of which there are up to half a million.


  • Bangladesh Resorts
  • Bangladesh Resorts

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