The capital of Zimbabwe: map, photo. What is the capital of Zimbabwe?

Harare - capital of Zimbabwe

Harare - capital of Zimbabwe

Beautiful Zimbabwe's capital, Harare,famous for the fact that, firstly, the population has reached the two million mark and continues to grow with each passing day. The second feature of this metropolis - a dynamic style of life of its citizens, and even the name can be translated as "one who is awake."

It is the capital to make a route in the famous natural reserves of Zimbabwe, the country's main attractions. But in the capital, you can see a lot of beauty.

Restaurants in the capital

It is clear that the metropolis can not do withoutcatering, cafes and restaurants. And there is a very simple cafe on every street and high-end restaurants, for example, Amanzi, a table at this restaurant have to book several weeks in advance.

City against power is ready to offertourists or national menu is simple but satisfying, like corn porridge and meat with vegetables. On the other hand, fans of European cuisine can find a more traditional cuisine for them - French, Italian.

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Harare, like any other capital, readyto surprise and delight its guests. Many old buildings and wonderful buildings can be seen in the streets, bearing the name of Robert Mugabe, and the so-called Second Street. But this is not the most important thing, more tourists are surprised exotic plants growing directly on the streets.

Amazing flowering acacia and jacarandabougainvillea imprinted on the photo guests Zimbabwe capital. No wonder one of his name can be translated as "City of flowering plants." Continue familiarity with the green capital of the kingdom can be in the botanical garden, where plants collected from different regions of the country. And in the Forest Reserve Mukuvisi can meet with no less interesting fauna Zimbabwe.

Ancient art

To get acquainted with the masterpieces createdhands of hard-working people in Zimbabwe, and today has already gone to another world, you need to go to the National Gallery Harare. In addition to the permanent exhibition, there often will present a unique art exhibitions of national genius and young authors.

Another area interesting for tourists - Sports, in particular, can find excellent golf courses around the city to meet international standards.


  • Harare - capital of Zimbabwe
  • Harare - capital of Zimbabwe
  • Harare - capital of Zimbabwe

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