Zimbabwe Coat of Arms: photo, value, description

Zimbabwe Coat of Arms

Zimbabwe Coat of Arms

Beautiful sultry African country seekson an equal footing to become one of the world's states. And among the first steps to self-determination - the introduction of official symbols. However, the coat of arms of Zimbabwe appeared on half a year later than the national flag, although this does not detract from his dignity and worth of each citizen.

World traditions and African flavor

Zimbabwe Coat of Arms - an attempt to approve the nationalsymbols generally accepted in the mainstream of European traditions. On the one hand a shield, the main element of the coats of arms of many world powers. On the other hand, there are local symbols and images, the performance is not in the traditional classical style. From an artistic point of view, the coat of arms of the State bears the spirit of ancient Africa and its primitive, but very deep culture.

About unity, freedom and labor

These are important concepts found a place on the coat of arms to Zimbabwe, they are considered to be the national motto to reflect the aspirations of the people, and the plans of the state leaders.

Sam the main symbol of the country has a complexa composition in which are found the fruits of the labor of man and nature. The support of the whole composition earthen mound symbolizing the main wealth. It is located in Zimbabwe main crops: wheat (in the form of a golden ear); Cotton boll; ear of corn.

To emphasize that residents of the country in the sweathave to fend for themselves on the coat of arms depicts a hoe. The second tool - automatic (it is believed that this is the AK-47 Kalashnikov assault rifle), a symbol of the long struggle for independence of the inhabitants, which had to defend by force of arms.

Central place on the arms of Zimbabwe takes shieldemerald, in the upper part of the web which is in the form of blue and white waves. On both sides it is supported by graceful antelopes. In the shield depicts a Great Zimbabwe, it is called the Great.

It is an ancient African city from which toUnfortunately, there were only ruins. His appearance on the main symbol of the country - evidence of a rich and long history, the great old days and hope for the future restoration.

Great bird

Another ancient symbol of Zimbabwe - Hungwe,entrenched in the history and literature of the concept. It is a statue made of green soapstone in the form of a bird. In 1871, the country's most famous statue was found in the Great Zimbabwe, on the ruins of the local church. Later it became known seven of these figures.

Scientists still can not explain what kind of bird,whether it is related to the wildlife of the country or is a symbol of a deity. But the main role in the history of modern Zimbabwe she has played, taking place at the official symbols, emblems and flags, as well as coins.


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