How to fly from Kaliningrad to Moscow? Time of flight Kaliningrad - Moscow

How to fly from Kaliningrad to Moscow?

How to fly from Kaliningrad to Moscow?

Your trip to Kaliningrad accompanieda visit to the Cathedral, the Museum of amber and the World Ocean Museum, walking through the streets of the historic center of Catania on ATVs or kayaking? But now, when the little time left before the flight home, probably you are thinking about how many hours your last flight.

How to fly from Kaliningrad to Moscow on a direct flight?

Flight from Kaliningrad to Moscow (two of thesecity ​​spaced apart by 1000 km) takes on average about two hours. So, with "Aeroflot" you will land in Moscow in 1 hour 45 minutes, with the "S7" - 2 hours 10 minutes, "Red Wings Airlines" - exactly 2 hours.

Flight Kaliningrad-Moscow is at least5300 rubles, and the cost of the ticket with a transfer will cost you a minimum of 9000 rubles. It is worth noting that the flights at better prices realized in October and March-April.

Flight Kaliningrad to Moscow with change

On the way from Kaliningrad to Moscow, you mayoffer to do the transplant in Minsk, Riga, St. Petersburg, Berlin, Ufa, Yekaterinburg. As regards connecting flights, in this case, your air travel can take anywhere from 4 to 22 hours. If your route takes into account the 1 transplant, for example, in St. Petersburg ( "Transaero"), then your trip will take 05 minutes 5:00. If you are going to make several changes, for example, in St. Petersburg and Riga ( "STC Russia"), it is necessary to take into account that your air travel will increase up to 7 hours 05 minutes, and if the dock is expected in Yekaterinburg and St. Petersburg ( "Aeroflot") then you have to spend on the road 21 hours 05 minutes.

Select airline

To get to the desired destination (one ofMoscow airports) from Kaliningrad will help you the following airlines (you will be invited aboard the Boeing 737-400, Antonov AN 140, Embraer 195, Airbus A 319 and other aircraft): "Aeroflot"; "Utair"; "Ural Airlines"; "LOT Polish Airlines" and others.

To check in and gohome to Moscow, to arrive at the airport Khrabrovo (XGD) - it is 20 km from Kaliningrad (to get there from the city center by taxi or bus number 144 - in the way you will spend about 40 minutes). Here travelers will be able to have a snack in a coffee shop or a coffee house, get a sweet souvenirs in a chocolate boutique, as well as to spend time in an internet cafe, a break in a room designed for relaxing the mother and child, or visit the clinic.

What to do in an airplane?

you can occupy yourself by reading books or in flightmagazines, and finally decide who to give gifts, bought in Kaliningrad, - home furnishings, jewelry, amber products as well as delicacies - smoked fish (bream, perch, eel), beer, cognac "Old Konigsberg."


  • How to fly from Kaliningrad to Moscow?
  • How to fly from Kaliningrad to Moscow?
  • How to fly from Kaliningrad to Moscow?

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