Viewpoints Kaliningrad. List of the best lookouts in Kaliningrad

Viewpoints Kaliningrad

Viewpoints Kaliningrad

You have enough time for walking,allowing explore all the attractions of the city? Pay attention to the observation decks of Kaliningrad, the rise of which allow you to see almost all the famous sites (the Brandenburg Gate, the area Amalienau, Lutheran Church of the Holy Family, Holy Cross Cathedral) in a short period of time.

Lookout "Royal Castle"

As for the tourists discovered the ruinsKönigsberg Castle, come here will be able to see an interesting exhibition (underground structures of the West wing, outdoor area with large architectural details found). But the best time to visit is to conduct historical holidays, when there are organized shooting competitions (crossbow, bow), jousting matches and special events for children, takes place a military camp with tents and Crafts Fair. Ticket price - 50 rubles.

Address: Shevchenko street, 2

Fishing village

Of the 14 of its objects, the most attractive are the following:

  • Species Tower "Lighthouse": to get to the observation deck of the tower height of 33 m, can be overcome by 130 degrees. It offers a view of the Kant Island, Cathedral, old fortifications. In addition, you can look at a cafe and a shop with souvenirs and visit the exhibition, which will be able to view the collection of weapons of 19-20 centuries.
  • Species Tower "Lomse": its visitors will be able to admire the beauty of the best Kaliningrad - Kant Island and the river Pregel.
  • Adjustable foot bridge (Jubilee Bridge): This romantic place, which are the decoration delicate lights and fence, ideal for walks and visits.

In addition, guests should ride on the riverpleasure boats, as well as attend the ethnographic festivals ( "Day of Königsberg cat", "Day of the craftsman"), arranged in the "village".

How to get there? It offers travelers - a shuttle bus number 92, 80, 72, bus number 45 (the address: Oktyabrsky island, Oktyabrskaya Street, 8).

Restaurant "Terrace"

This restaurant is popular withlovers of Italian and European cuisine. In addition, resting in the facility, guests can admire the panoramic windows of Kaliningrad, in particular, the Victory Square and the Church of Christ the Savior (in warm weather windows are opened, so that the restaurant becomes an open terrace).

Address: Street Professor Baranov, 34 (TC "Acropolis", 7th floor).


  • Viewpoints Kaliningrad
  • Viewpoints Kaliningrad
  • Viewpoints Kaliningrad

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