The capital of Bolivia: map, photo. What is the capital of Bolivia?

Sucre - capital of Bolivia

Sucre - capital of Bolivia

In the center of South America, between Argentina andBrazil, hid the state, bringing together a lot of nationalities. In total, the country is home to 1.1 million inhabitants, of which approximately 250 thousand live in the capital city of Bolivia - Sucre.

The information about the capital

According to a book called "The Chronicle of Peru"the city was founded back in 1538. For a long time the city had a colonial status. There massively mined silver, and the locals were very rich. The first name of the settlement was translated as "Silver City."

Ciudad de la Plata was very popular amonglocal residents due to the mild climate. In addition, in search of enrichment here Europeans arrived en masse. In 1624 the city was founded by the University, quickly became one of the best in all of South America. Many presidents of various countries are studied medicine, law and other disciplines. To date, about 30 thousand inhabitants of Sucre are trained in this institution.

Attractions Sucre

The city has many interesting museums, palaces and other attractions.

  • Museo de la Rakoleta - museum, which canboasts a magnificent exhibition of paintings, sculptures and works of the colonial era. The establishment is set in a former convent, so that each visitor will be able to get acquainted with the life of the monks of the seventeenth century.
  • House of Liberty Museum - the main monumentArchitecture, symbolizing the fight for the independence of Bolivia. At first glance, the building does not attract much attention, but its role in the history of the country can not be underestimated. It was here, it was announced on state independence. Many exhibits remind us of the great and glorious times.
  • Tarabuko Market - one of the most unusual andamazing sights. Located 65 kilometers from Sucre, the market attracts large numbers of tourists. Here you can see the colorful folk costumes yampara Indians. On sale is a set of original objects, products and other souvenirs.

The city is also the political center of Bolivia. Here it was founded the movement for the independence of the state. In 1825, participants in the revolution signed here a declaration on the state of freedom of the Spanish colonization. In the same year the city was declared the capital of independent Bolivia. The name was also changed. Since then, the main city of the state is named after war hero José Antonio Sucre.

To date, the city has the status of theattractive, beautiful and calm populated Bolivian village. Despite the fact that actually performs the function of the capital La Paz, Sucre has not lost its charm and influence.


  • Sucre - capital of Bolivia
  • Sucre - capital of Bolivia
  • Sucre - capital of Bolivia

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