The beaches of Rio de Janeiro: photo. The best sand beaches of Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)

The beaches of Rio de Janeiro

The beaches of Rio de Janeiro

Brazil is famous for its hot sun andbeautiful girls, and the city of Rio de Janeiro, which locals affectionately called simply Rio, attracts tourists from all over the world all year round. This city is the fifth largest in the whole of South America, so tourists here - the usual phenomenon. The beaches of Rio de Janeiro give travelers an unforgettable experience, clean sand and warm welcoming waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

Safe and rich Ipanema

Ipanema Beach is considered the second most popularbeach on the territory of Rio. The beach is located in the southern city, in one of the safest and most luxurious of its districts. This beach is quite calm, because vacationers are an order of magnitude less than in the same Copacabana. Here prefer to relax the students, young couples, students, the elderly and families with children, so that the local area really lets you have a good rest in peace and quiet.

There are practically no huge waves,which is famous for Copacabana, so lovers of windsurfing is better not to pay attention to Ipanema. However, it is for this reason that there is much safer to swim, and young children, have not really learned how to swim, be able to do it here. The risk of water or swallowed at one point not to feel under a bottom tends to zero, which encourages new parents to carry their dopey crumbs here.

One of the attractions of Ipanema - is, of course, Cape Aproador. Here you can meet couples in love who are waiting for the sunset, or just romantics who dream to make the best photos in their lives.
The Ipanema district all the restaurants and shops are very expensive, so it's not the best place to buy souvenirs from Brazil.

Features of Ipanema Beach

Since Ipanema is almost always filledvacationers, the list of services that are here for all outdoor enthusiasts, is quite large. Visitors can play beach volleyball or soccer, is located near the beach areas for skaters and cyclists. Of course, there are also bars, so the heat is always save a delicious refreshing cocktail or iced green tea.

It is noteworthy that there Ipanema areavacationers who are sexual minorities. This zone is visible to the ordinary tourists from afar, thanks to the huge rainbow flag. There is also a special beach for the disabled and for the tourists who come to vacation with their pets.

The best sand beaches of Rio de Janeiro's famous democratic prices and a huge list of different services. Apart from Ipanema, in Rio as there are beaches:

  1. Copacabana
  2. Recreo
  3. Urca
  4. Leblon
  5. Leme
  6. Barra de Tijuca
  7. Aproador and many others.

Photos beaches of Rio de Janeiro

  • The beaches of Rio de Janeiro
  • The beaches of Rio de Janeiro
  • The beaches of Rio de Janeiro
  • The beaches of Rio de Janeiro

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