Brazil Kitchen: photos, recipes and dishes of national cuisine of Brazil

Kitchen Brazil

Kitchen Brazil

Kitchen Brazil - a kind of synthesis of Portuguese cooking, Indian, French and African cuisine, but its core is still authentic Brazilian cuisine.

National cuisine of Brazil

The country is often prepared "Karur" (a dish of saltshrimp and vegetables with spicy sauce) and "de karangeyzhu Kaskinen" (crabs with spices). As a side dish used mainly rice, beans, cassava or tapioca (all this is accompanied by various sauces). In Brazil, widespread use herbs and vegetables - there is salted or pickled palm shoots, fried or stewed bananas with chicken, fried in butter beans with a variety of ingredients.

If we talk about the peculiarities of Brazilian cuisine,characteristic of different regions, then, for example, in the north-east of the popular cured meats, shrimp, cooked with herbs, lobster in coconut milk; and to the west - the alligator meat dishes.

Popular Brazilian cuisine:

  • "Feijoada" (a dish made of black beans, garlic, pepper, dried meat, pork, smoked sausage);
  • "Guasado de Tartaruga" (a dish of braised turtle);
  • "Sarapeteu" (a dish of boiled pork heart and liver with peppers, onions and tomatoes);
  • "Cochin" (fried potato balls stuffed with pork or chicken);
  • "Takaka" (thick yellow soup with garlic and dried shrimp);
  • "Embalayya" (stew of vegetables and meat with hot sauce).

Where to try the national cuisine?

Some restaurants serve the aperitif, whyIf you do not wish to be included in the cost of your bill, the aperitif can politely send back. Since portions of some dishes in the Brazilian food establishments are designed for two, the main dish, you can safely take one for two. We should also mention the restaurants churrasco (specialize in cooking meat): here you can eat as much as necessary, paying an entrance fee and drinks.

In São Paulo, you can visit the "Capim Santo" (guestshere are served grilled tuna, dessert of tapioca, shrimp with coconut milk sauce), in Rio de Janeiro - "Doce Delicia" (here serving national dishes as salad with papaya and salmon in soy sauce and chocolate cake with Brazilian coffee), in El Salvador - "Ki-Mukeka" (a specialty of this restaurant is the moqueca-dish of stewed in palm oil with spices seafood).

Cooking classes in Brazil

In Brazil, namely, in Ouro Preto, you can visit5-day culinary courses in the Academy of Cooking and Other Pleasures, which will introduce wishing to Brazilian cuisine. In addition, such a course includes visits to the market, the sugar and coffee plantations.

When can I come to Brazil? Arrival is podgadat, for example, to conduct Gastronomic Festival "Taste of Brazil" (May-June).


  • Kitchen Brazil
  • Kitchen Brazil
  • Kitchen Brazil

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