The national drink of Brazil. Alcohol in Brazil: the price, the export, the export rate of alcohol

Drinks Brazil

Drinks Brazil

In a country where a lot of wild monkeys, and all go towhite pants, there are many interesting traditions, which tourists gladly tell local guides. One of them - an endless cup of strong coffee in the morning and at any convenient moment during the rest of the day. All drinks in Brazil - is an occasion to sit and chat with friends. But the coffee - it's a cult, tradition, customs and mentality.

Alcohol Brazil

Liquor in the distant South Americanthe country not only to respect and welcome, but happily serves guests and visitors. Prices of alcohol seem quite democratic, and a liter of Brazilian national drink is rum in the store about three US dollars (as of the beginning of 2014).
To import into Brazil is prohibited alcohol, and it isproduced, and there is a restriction on the import. The country of magnificent beaches allowed to take no more than 24 units of alcohol, the total of which shall not exceed two liters. Restrictions on the export does not exist, and it all depends on the traveler opportunities and suitcases.

The national drink of Brazil

The main national drink and a symbol of eternalMagnan country serves vodka Cachaca cane. It is obtained, distilling the fermented juice, rum and quality differs depending on the degree of consistency and purification. Major trading brands, which are sold under the Cachaça:

  • Germana
  • Pitu
  • Tatuzinho
  • Paduana
  • Ypioca

Mainly exported national drinkBrazil to many countries, but cooked on the hacienda, not in factories Cachaça can only try at home. Among true worshipers of national color is valued much higher, and its distillation is carried out in containers made of pure copper.

Alcoholic beverages Brazil

In addition, Brazilians are respected rum alcoholdrink, cooking secrets that cherish the local Indians. They treat their AUA-huaskoy guests opting to sip this witch's brew. Aua-huaska invigorates and gives strength, and Native American Shamans heal with the help of dozens of ailments - from depression to alcoholism ...!
Place of honor in the Brazilian beer menu. Popular brands "Shopi" cook descendants of those who migrated to the country of wild monkeys from Germany, but because as a beer no doubt. Brazil Vineyards delight fans of good wine white "Chardonnay" and red varieties, and the Europeans are surprised to find decent and champagne produced in the distant continent of French settlers.


  • Drinks Brazil
  • Drinks Brazil
  • Drinks Brazil
  • Drinks Brazil
  • Drinks Brazil

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