Rent a Car in Brazil. Car Hire in Brazil - prices

Rent a Car in Brazil

Rent a Car in Brazil

To rent a car, you will needdriver's license of international standard and a bank card. cars Hire offices are situated, often near major hotels and airports. The first work is usually from 9:00 to 16:00. Second - round the clock.

Features rental Brazil

  • When you take a car, then you made out insurance, calculated like this: $ 10-13 per day, with more and paid bail.
  • If you have a credit card, it is not necessary, because the required amount on the card will be blocked.
  • Local distributors usually charge a fee somewhere in the 10% less than that will have international, but the first car is still older. Moreover, not always possible to return the car in another city.
  • Travel outside the country is forbidden in a rented car.

But this is only a small inconvenience for what awaits you in the hospitable land of Brazil! Rent a car in Brazil is worth it.

That includes the car rental:

  • Insurance against theft of the car, as a rule, with the franchise;
  • airport charges;
  • Insurance against any damage to the vehicle, usually with a deductible;
  • Value-added tax;
  • Unlimited mileage on all the time to use cars;
  • Compulsory Insurance.

You can hire a car(Economy class, Premium or Executive Class, hatchback, minivan or SUV) at the hotel, airport, railway station / train station or the delivery of the machine to your destination.

Additional options are available when booking car:

  • Child seats;
  • Navigation equipment;
  • Special chairs for babies;
  • Insurance with total or partial lack of responsibility;
  • Winter tires and chains for wheels;
  • Roof rack for skis, snowboard or bike;
  • Additional trunk.

Of course, the rental car - the bestsolution for travelers who wish to determine travel time and travel routes in the country, alone in a rented car to go round the wonderful places of this wonderful country! This beautiful jungles of the Amazon, and the magnificent golden beaches of Rio de Janeiro, a surprisingly subtle aroma of coffee and incomparable mighty roar of the waterfalls. Like a magnet, it attracts everything any tourist in Brazil, and they travel here from around the world.

The beaches in this country are of world renown,such as Copacabana. Here, the sea is warm and clear rarity. And that is the very Brazilian! It is a pity that fall into this tale of Russia is possible only by having very bulky wallets. But if you endure such an expensive flight, visit here the old town and the oldest monasteries built in Portuguese style.


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