The season in Brazil. When the holiday season in Brazil?

Season in Brazil

Season in Brazil

Season holiday in Brazil lasts all year round: there is always warm (average temperature - + 25-28 degrees). It is worth noting that, overall, for the coast is characterized by high humidity, for the central areas - more arid, and for mountains and the southern regions - cooler weather (December-January rainy and hot - air can be heated up to 40-42 degrees).

The tourist season in Brazil

  • Spring: Brazilian spring begins in September - this time can begin tropical storms and violent thunderstorms, but in the spring all blossoms - orchids, cacti, palm trees, water lilies, Hevea. In September (7 day) is worth visiting for Independence Day - this time's cheerful folk festivals and festive military parade.
  • Summer: Brazilian summer - the period from December to March. The main summer holidays are New Year's Eve (31 December) and the Carnival in Rio (February).
  • Autumn: Brazilian autumn comes in March. Due to the fact that the March-April - the season of harvest, the country runs a little holiday, but in general the autumn months can be devoted to excursions or beach holiday.
  • Winter: Brazilian winter lasts from June to August - at this time is to plan a journey through the jungle of the Amazon, where you can meet jaguars, pumas, howler, monkeys, sloths, harpies, caimans and anacondas. "Winter" months are perfect for swimming (the water warms up to + 20-24 ° C), as well as surfing.

Beach season in Brazil

The most favorable time to relax on the beaches of Brazil is November-April.

All the beaches - sand and most of themfree. For the rest it is advisable to choose the best Brazilian beaches: Copacabana Beach, Ilha Grande Beach, Natal Beach, Jericoacoara Beach, Florianopolis Beach, Parati Beach, Praia do Sancho Beach, Morro-de-San-Paulo Beach, Porto da Barra, Galinas Beach.


Dive season coincides with the beach, although if desiredadmire the underwater beauty at any time of the year. In local waters, you will be able to meet with the dolphins, sea turtles, sharks, manta rays, variety of corals, including the rare, huge mushrooms.

One of the best places for diving is the Abrolhos Marine Park - in the local warm waters of the usual number of fish and corals (here is the biggest underwater coral cliff in the world).

Watch the fish and turtles without special equipment can be on a reef island Recife das Areyas with natural pools.

To dive dives may prefer Siriba sea caves, the island of Santa Barbara, wrecks Vera (it is on the 20-meter depth).

Brazil - is a luxury hotel, high quality service, with white sand beaches, possibilities for diving, surfing, sendbordom.


  • Season in Brazil
  • Season in Brazil
  • Season in Brazil

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