Vehicles in Brazil. Public Transportation in Brazil - species development

Vehicles in Brazil

Vehicles in Brazil

Transport in Brazil is very well developed in the southern and south-western areas of the country.

The main modes of transport in Brazil:

- Public transport: This includes buses, subways (Recife, Rio de Janeiro), trolley.
Please be aware that you need to get out of the bus through the front door and go - through the back.
As for the coaches, the ridethem quite comfortable, but it should be borne in mind that the schedule and prices are subject to frequent changes, resulting in flight delays often occur, sometimes even for the whole night.

- Aviation Message: access to all major Brazilian cities as possible, taking advantage of aircraft services (internal air exercise Lan, Azul, Gol).
Since the flight to Brazil from other countriesquite expensive, then during the rest of the country is to visit a few of its regions for 1 trip. For example, the popular route is the following: the Rio - Sao Paulo - Manaus - Fortaleza - Recife - Salvador - Rio.
In this case it is necessary to purchase Air Pass, which is presented in 3 versions - to the south and the center; throughout the country; north-east of Brazil. Any one of them is valid for 21 days from date of purchase.

- Rail transport: despite the fact that the railways connecting all the major cities of the country, flights are carried out regularly.
But almost daily trains deliver tourists from Rio de Janeiro to Sao Paulo and back.
If you want to enjoy the beautiful scenery, you should go on a trip by rail, for example, from Sao Paulo to Santos.
Buying w / tickets, it is worth considering that children 3-9 years old are entitled to 50% discounts, and for children up to 3 years provided free transportation.

- Water transport: since among all the ports shuttle ferry, then everyone can move on ships belonging to private companies (they move along the rivers all over the country).
And if you want to organize your trip to the beautiful island of Santa Catarina and Ilha Grande.


Because all taxis are metered, touristsadvised to insist on their inclusion. Pay attention to the counter: 1 - will indicate that you will pay the price, according to the usual fare, and 2 - night or according to the rate applicable on holidays.
Since the date and can not wait for it to yourself it is advisable to have small bills.

Car rent

If desired, any major Brazilian city youYou will be able to take a car. But you will need a lot of documents, in particular the IDP, the rent itself is quite expensive for the contract.
But before you do rent issuesit should be borne in mind that in the country, you will not see the signs, in the north of the country is not very good roads, traffic jams in the cities braked, for parking in the wrong place provides for fines, and drivers often attack with the purpose of robbery.
Getting around Brazil you as a traveler will be able to various modes of transport.


  • Vehicles in Brazil
  • Vehicles in Brazil

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