Airport in Zagreb: a diagram photo. How to get to Zagreb Airport

Airport in Zagreb

Airport in Zagreb

Pleso Airport - the main Croatian airportwhich refers to the capital city of Zagreb. In recent years, the airport served more than 2 million passengers a year. The airport based 91 Air Force base in Croatia, a part of which are Soviet fighters, transport aircraft and helicopters.
Airport 4 divided by shareholders, the largest of which is the government of the country - 55%.


His story begins with the airport Pleso 1959,when the first air flights have been committed. In the spring of 1962 regular air communication has been established with some cities. At that time, the runway length is 2.5 km and the total area of ​​the terminal 1000 sq. m.
By 1966, 5 times the area has been increasedpassenger terminal, and 360 meters elongated runway. The next major renovation was carried out in 1974, the terminal and extended runway was again extended, now it is 3252 meters.
After 10 years in order to increase airport capacity various buildings and improvements have been made. As a result of the reconstruction of the terminal area was 11 thousand square meters. m.
In 2007 he was commissioned VIP-terminal.


Unfortunately, Pleso airport can boastvariety of services for passengers, but all need still exists. Passengers can contact the clinic or pharmacy, luggage storage, etc.
Currency exchange is open from seven in the morning until nine at night, after hours, you can use the ATM.
On the territory of the terminal is not a lot of shopping and eating facilities.

How to get to the city

It can be reached from the airport to Zagreb twoways - by bus or taxi. The bus leaves from the terminal every 30 minutes from seven in the morning until eight at night. At night, only the arrival of the flight. ticket will cost about 3 euros and will go on the road in the area of ​​half an hour.
A taxi to the city center can be reached in about 15 euro - 3 euro planting and 0.8 euros per km.

Photos Zagreb Airport

  • Airport in Zagreb
  • Airport in Zagreb

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