Dubrovnik Beaches: photo, video. The best beaches in Dubrovnik (Croatia)

Dubrovnik beaches

Dubrovnik beaches

Rest on the Croatian resort of Dubrovnik - aEuropean service at very reasonable prices. Here the Mediterranean climate, so you can relax most of the year, from early spring to late autumn. Most Dubrovnik beaches are located on the peninsula, which is bordered by the Adriatic Sea, although there are beaches on the mainland area, as well as on the island of Lokrum.

The best beaches in Dubrovnik:

  1. Bagneux (Old Town);
  2. Lapad;
  3. beach on the island of Lokrum,
  4. Old Port.

Banje Beach

The beach is located in the old part of Dubrovnik,far from it are located the ancient buildings and fortresses. Pebble beach, pretty clean. Here it rests mostly locals, though often there are tourists. Like most European beaches, Banje paid, but thanks to the support of its purity. From here you can see the island of Lokrum, which is located close to the Adriatic Sea.

Lapad Beach

Located on the Lapad Peninsula, which has developedtourist infrastructure. There are plenty of cafes, bars, restaurants, hotels. The beach is equipped with sun loungers, awnings, it is pebbly, but the sea bottom is sandy.

The beach on the island of Lokrum

Lokrum Island is located in the southern partDubrovnik is a special climate. The banks are mainly rocky, but there are picturesque bays with sandy beaches, where you can relax. Famous places on the island are Fort Napoleon and a Benedictine monastery. On the beaches of the island Lokrum can be reached by small ship by land, departing every hour throughout the day.

Old port

The Old Port is unique as it once wasthe most important port of the Adriatic Sea. To date, there is based a lot of tourist boats and yachts, many of which can be rented. There are many cafes, taverns and restaurants that offer in their menu seafood dishes. Located near the breakwater, which was built hundreds of years ago. Go for a swim in the sea right from the breakwater and you can sunbathe on the wonderful sandy beaches.

Buza Beach

One of the most unusual beaches of the resort - Burza -It located inside the Old City, under the city walls. To get to this beach, you can through the door of St. Stephen's, located in the wall of the Old City. It is equipped on the rocks by the sea, the water can come down on a special ladder. There is a small bar on the beach area. To get on this unusual beach, you must pass through the narrow streets behind the Cathedral, which leads to the top of the old city walls. Cafe Buža beach is undoubtedly one of the most romantic places in Dubrovnik.

The beaches of this resort are appreciated worldwide for its purity. In the area of ​​about 30 large and small beaches, in addition, its beaches have the coastal resorts and hotels.

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  • Dubrovnik beaches
  • Dubrovnik beaches
  • Dubrovnik beaches
  • Dubrovnik beaches

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