Most resorts in Croatia. The best Croatian resorts to relax

Most resorts in Croatia

Most resorts in Croatia

Croatia - the most environmentally friendly countryEurope. Croatian vacation quite versatile. Some come here to just have a great time soaking up the rays of the warm sun, and someone is trying to the story. But be that as it may, the best resorts in Croatia can afford and then, and more.


Istria - the world-famous resort,Located on the largest peninsula of the country. Here, just a huge number of deciduous and pine forests, so it is recommended to choose a resort for people with chronic respiratory diseases.

Holiday in Istria - it is the silence and peace, butbored you will not die, here you will be offered a rich excursion program. This resort area attracts many fans of eco-tourism. Istria offers a wide variety of routes for cycling or hiking.

Beaches in Istria in its most artificial and represent a concrete platform or a small pebble lagoons and plateaus. But many of them were awarded the Blue Flag.

The attractions that are sure toworth a look, there is a huge set. You can simultaneously enjoy both the architectural works belonging to the Roman era, and see the monuments belonging to the times of the Middle Ages. From here you can go on a sightseeing trip to a nearby Venice and Trieste.

Southern Dalmatia

South Dalmatia is a fairlya large area, where the famous Croatian resort of Mlini, Cavtat, Dubrovnik, Plat. The beaches are mostly pebble and concrete. Only on the islands, you can find the classic sandy beach areas.

South Dalmatia is known for a variety ofexcursion program. It offers also an excellent cuisine, which is based on seafood. And specialties made from lamb or lamb.

Home pearl of the region - the city of Dubrovnik. This place is listed as a UNESCO and is on a par with the magnificent Amsterdam and Venice unique. Dubrovnik is the third most beautiful city in Europe, having the status of a monument of the Renaissance, located in the open air.

Central Dalmatia

Central Dalmatia - one of the largest resort areas in Croatia. With a mild climate, it is most suitable for families with young children.
Here you will meet a very beautiful scenery,secluded cove, surrounded by rocky beaches fringed with pine forests, numerous small towns scattered along the coast and, of course, clear waters of the Adriatic Sea. In addition, it is in Central Dalmatia the best beaches.

Croatia - Sights and cities

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  • Most resorts in Croatia
  • Most resorts in Croatia
  • Most resorts in Croatia

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