Holidays in Croatia in April: the prices and the weather. Where to rest in Croatia in April

Holidays in Croatia in April

Holidays in Croatia in April

Adriatic Sea has long been a cherished dream of many tourists. Many people in order to save funds choose Croatia, which still spins the tourist business.

And although the second month of spring has notplease complete set of beach and marine pastime, but holidays in Croatia in April, you can combine with exciting trips to beautiful places and protected areas.

Weather conditions in April

This month is a clear signal of an impendinghot season. Territory transformed before our eyes, there are beautiful patterns of flowering plants of unimaginable shades on the emerald grass carpet.

Warmest in Split and Dubrovnik, justcooler in Zagreb and Porec. In the foothills, in general, cool. The average temperature in Croatia in April of +17 ° C. Unfortunately, the water temperature at the seaside just +12 ° C. Swim so far, the main occupation - a walk along the seashore. Sunbathing is possible on a daily basis, but it is not necessary for protective creams due to the high activity of the spring sun.

Camping Plitvice Lakes

Abril is the perfect place for themvisit until the high tourist season began. Plitvice lakes are part of the National Park of Croatia, occupied the territory in the center of the country. Interestingly, there is division into Upper and Lower lakes, which are fed by the waters of the five rivers.

Here you can see the grand picture,created by nature itself, including waterfalls, lakes and caves. For a long time, the National Park was not available to attend, but now it paved paths for pedestrians, paved trails for environmental transport.

Plitvice lakes - a unique living organism,new waterfalls appear here almost every year, it is considered the most beautiful Sastavtsi, where from a height of 72 meters of water fall down the Koran and Plitvice rivers.

asparagus Festival

Each of the regions of Croatia strives to getits tourist, coming up with their chips and fun activities. For example, residents of the town of Lovran Asparagus Festival invented and is now reaping the benefits. Every year an increasing number of tourists is committed to participate in this informative and entertaining holiday.

The main part of the festival is given a tastingdishes of asparagus, and can be seen as the most simple and delicious, gourmet dishes. Dance, theater performances help to have fun.

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  • Holidays in Croatia in April
  • Holidays in Croatia in April

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