Holidays in Croatia in August: prices and weather. Where to rest in Croatia in August

Holidays in Croatia in August

Holidays in Croatia in August

This is a fairly young and modern EuropeanState already active hosts in the list of the largest resorts in countries gaining their tourist. Here you can see the snow-capped peaks of the Alps, and rich, lush nature, characteristic of the Mediterranean. Holidays in Croatia in August, appealing to couples, middle-aged and older.

Rest is very peaceful and quiet, beachEntertainment replaced by excursions to the historical sites. Walking along the coast in the shade of pine trees cozy complemented participation in musical and folk festivals taking place throughout the country.

Weather in August

Although the highest temperature inthe last month of the Croatian summer, there is no release of tourists. The average daily temperature indicators at the level of +30 ºC and higher, respectively, the water in the Adriatic +26 ºC.

High humidity is quite easytolerated by most tourists, especially since the heat is gradually reduced, vacation in late August is held in very comfortable conditions. Rain or showers bring welcome coolness and allow tourists to replace beach holiday tours or tastings of local cuisine.

At the festival in Dubrovnik

Vacationers near this beautiful city havehonor to take part in the largest international festival called 'Dubrovnik game. " Total immersion in the story happens to direct participants and spectators, locals and visitors alike.

Located in the heart of Dubrovnik Old Town withall its palaces, castles, towers and parks becomes one concert venue for representatives of different areas of art. Opera and drama, ballet and folklore, theatrical performances taking place against the backdrop of the ancient walls, are breathtaking magic show. Another highlight of this festival are nocturnal serenades, stirring the hearts of lovers and romantics.

Dalmatia bullfights

It is amazingly beautiful spectacle can be seenRadoshich in a small village, which is near the Split. Battles take place between the bulls and matadors without torero. The field of the future of bullfighting shielded simple picket fence, and because the public do not just have to flee from the angry bull, sweeping everything in its path. Tickle your nerves will not give up any man.

Moreover, the strong half of humanity canto test their strength in various competitions, including the main - it is a struggle on a log, the tug of war, throwing stones at a distance. The most ridiculous competition is a race on donkeys. It should be, sitting on the back of a stubborn animal, without a saddle and harness overtake rivals.

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  • Holidays in Croatia in August
  • Holidays in Croatia in August

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