Holidays in Croatia in March, prices and weather. Where to rest in Croatia in March

Holidays in Croatia in March

Holidays in Croatia in March

Many tourists have already managed to go round in searchadventure the whole planet, but suddenly begin to discover amazing places that are very far away, almost in the zone of "steps" of availability. Even among the countries of Western Europe have survived such protected areas.

The first month of spring is good for travelCroatia, as long as there is no influx of tourists, the winter cold thing of the past, and the local nature under the warm rays begins to bloom right before your eyes. Holidays in Croatia in March, in the first place, makes it possible to forget the hectic life in big cities, and, secondly, to become better acquainted with the country and its citizens opened, the history and the present.


March - the month of transition, because to be a touristto be ready and to come back the cold winds, frost, and, conversely, to the unexpectedly warm weather. Sunny days getting longer, the amount of precipitation falls. The rains are more common in the coastal areas.

Temperature range is between 12° C in Zagreb to +16 ° C in Dubrovnik and Split, colder at night. The coast is just beginning to prepare for the opening of the bathing season. Plunge can afford only a very brave tourist.

Travel to Split

Holidays in Croatia in March, better to give tours,for example, in Split. This second largest city already noted 1700 years since its foundation. Naturally, a lot of historical monuments preserved here improves ranking in the list of places required to visit.

Many visitors begin to learn about the historySplit with a visit to Diocletian's Palace, which is separated from the urban neighborhoods with high walls. The most important cultural and historical sites of the palace are the Cathedral, the Peristyle - one of the few remaining areas are Roman, Temple of Jupiter. Interesting for inspection and the territory adjacent to the palace, for example, Strossmayer Park, City Market or promenade, People's Square, which is the center of the old city quarters.

Festivals and events

With the arrival of spring and the amount of any sportsentertainment increases dramatically. Split is still happily welcomes lovers of sailing, there are continuing traditional competitions.

Korcula is ready to open to tourists spirit Croatianpeople through familiarity with national customs and traditions. Spring Festa - the holiday of spring and the beginning of flowering. There is an opportunity to get acquainted with Croatian folk songs, dances, local food.

Croatia - Sights and cities

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  • Holidays in Croatia in March
  • Holidays in Croatia in March

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