Independent travel to Croatia

Alone in Croatia

Alone in Croatia

Beaches and medicinal springs, beautiful sceneryand pretty town, excellent wines, and Mediterranean cuisine attracts many tourists to Croatia, preferring to stay in harmony with nature and in the company of hospitable people. Alone in Croatia prefer to fly by those who are not looking for noisy entertainment and clock animations, and prefers soft comfortable climate.

entry formalities

In order to travel to Croatia -on their own or by purchasing a tour of Russian travelers will need a visa. It is possible to issue any visa application center for five days, collecting standard and similar to the "Schengen" documents. By the way, the holders of double or multiple Schengen visas or Bulgaria, Cyprus and Romania visa for Croatia is required.
Flights to Croatian resorts and the capital of the country by local and Russian airlines.

Kuhn and spending

Croatian kuna - the official currency of the country. Brought dollars or euros can be converted into kuna at any bank, exchange office and even in the mail. Hotels offer is not the most favorable exchange rate, some banks charge a commission. Keep a check on the product of the operation, it is possible to exchange currency Croatia unspent at the airport during the return flight. Credit cards accepted everywhere in the country.

  • Alone in Croatia is easy to bookany hotel or guest house. The question price of 150 kuna per day for a small apartment to 500 kuna for a room in a nice hotel. The cost of housing depends on the distance from the sea, and the most unpretentious tourists can take advantage of the Croatian campsites where camping place can be rented for 50 kuna per day.
  • Sightseeing cost10-20 kuna at the entrance to the fortress and the tower, 30 - in the museums and 100 kuna - on the lake and parks. You can rent a bike for 70 kuna per day, rent a beach umbrella with sunbed 40-50 kuna.
  • To have dinner together at a cafe or restaurant,will have to spend between 50 and 300 kuna, depending on the status of the institution. Plate the risotto is in a tourist cafe 50 kuna and the fish are traditionally more expensive - up to 150. (All prices are approximate and are valid for August 2015).

Valuable observations

As in any tourist place in CroatiaYou can find a pleasant combination of price and quality of service, just need a little roll in the direction of the popular trails. About the security here is not necessary to worry too much, but because the hotels or cafes for substantial savings can be selected in the suburbs.


  • Alone in Croatia
  • Alone in Croatia
  • Alone in Croatia

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