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Traditional cuisine of Croatia

Traditional cuisine of Croatia

Food in Croatia - a paradise for lovers of food in restaurants, good food you feed the huge size (it happens that one portion can eat a family of 3 persons).
If you choose to prepare their own food, and it is in Croatia - no problem: the products in local stores quality, and prices - below the Western European.

Food in Croatia

Depending on the area visit Croatia youYou will be able to try a variety of traditional dishes: in the eastern regions - spicy sausage (cobanac), central - macaroni and cheese and baked turkey, coastal - fish and seafood, in mountainous areas - mushroom and meat dishes of wild animals and wild berries.
Arriving to Croatia, you will be able totaste the prosciutto (homemade jerky) Kulen (acute Slavonian sausage with paprika), light soups, escalope, dishes with truffles, lamb cooked on a spit, Bacalar (dried cod), Sarma (stuffed cabbage, prepared on the basis of leaves sauerkraut and minced with the addition of prosciutto and pantsety).

Where to eat in Croatia?

At your service:
- Restaurants (here you will find all the cuisines of the world);
- Family restaurants serving local cuisine (konoba);
- Cafes, pastry shops and pubs.

Drinks in Croatia

A popular drink in Croatia are coffee,tea (herbal, indian, floral), wine, rakia (local brandy based on plums, figs, grapes, and other fruits and herbs), Pelincovac (bitter herbal liquor), beer (Tomislav pivo, Karlovacko, Velebitsco).
Croatians feel special love for wine: from red wines should try Dingac, Plavac, Postup, and of white wine - Malvazija, Muscatel, Posip, Grk.

Gastronomic tour in Croatia

Gourmets can go to Croatia, namely inZagreb to attend the event, such as the Week of restaurants: they can taste delicious Croatian cuisine in the best restaurants in the city and pay them less than the usual cost.
Since the city is considered the most Pirovacculinary city is gone here, you can enjoy a variety of delicious dishes in interesting local restaurants, which are held on Saturdays show chefs.
You can go to the island Losinj If desired,Food Festival, to not only taste the fragrant cuisine, but also to visit other events - seminars on the Croatian cuisine, gastronomic walking tours and presentations on wine.
In Croatia you will have a great time inresort towns, enjoy the brilliant cuisine by local chefs, have a heady cocktail head to the local bars, have fun at the incendiary parties in trendy clubs ...

Photo Croatia national dishes

  • Traditional cuisine of Croatia

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