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Outlets Croatia

Outlets Croatia

Mastering as a promising beachdirections Balkan Croatia, Russian tourists are increasingly paying attention to its other charms. Medical sources, interesting historical and architectural attractions has long been marked with a tick in the plans of the most active and curious travelers. But the most fashionable and stylish does not overlook Outlets Croatia, rightly believing that in this country, as in the rest of Europe, is, something to rejoice the heart of the shopaholic.

Capital tricks

In Zagreb, received after determining the boundaries of the sovereign status of the capital of Croatia, focused more sink trade centers, notable Russian tourist:

  • City Center One Zagreb East is available at: Slavonska avenija 11D, 10000 Zagreb. There is easiest to reach by city bus routes 281, 107 and 216, or 13 tram route. This outlet of Croatia is open from 9 am to 9 pm seven days a week and in addition to high-quality clothing, shoes and electronics offers dishes at very good prices.
  • A similar outlet in Croatia from the same retail chainopened at the address: HR - 10000 Zagreb, Jankomir 33. Its halls are waiting for buyers and from 9 am to 21 pm, and the prices are not just like dandies, but also housewives and lovers of high-quality electronics. To get to the stock center easily by bus routes 116 and 168 or 17 and 5 trams.
  • Excellent opportunities for shopping, recreation andentertainment offers metropolitan complex Arena Centar at: Lanište 32, 10000 Zagreb, Hrvatska. It presents the most famous brands in Europe and the world, and the highest prices buyers can expect during the Christmas sales. Arena opens at 10 am on weekdays and 9:00 - on the weekends. The last customers leave the shopping mall in 21.00.

Country paradise

In a couple of tens of kilometers to the north of ZagrebYou can find another outlet in Croatia, where current prices range from 30% to 70%, and in the season of Christmas sales your favorite products, you can afford to pay even more competitive prices. Sink center is located next to the E2 / E59 highway and is open from 10.00 to 20.00 every day of the week except Monday, when the outlet starts its work at 13.00.
Among the products presented here are the most popular Ecco and Caterpillar shoes, Lacoste clothing and sporting goods Ruma.


  • Outlets Croatia
  • Outlets Croatia

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