Prices in Dubrovnik - food, souvenirs, transportation. How much money to take to Dubrovnik

Prices in Dubrovnik

Prices in Dubrovnik

One of the world's most beautiful resorts consideredDubrovnik. This Croatian town differs unusual architecture, amazingly beautiful scenery and clean environment. The climate is favorable for recreation, so tourists from around the world eager to get here. The currency used here Croatian Kuna. Pay for goods and services can be in US dollars and euros.

Where to rent a house

Accommodation in Dubrovnik is characterized by highprices. On vacation at this resort becomes more expensive over time. Today rest in Dubrovnik can only be provided by a tourist. Remove the double room at the hotel of the middle class can be for 80-110 euros per day. Power thus have to pay separately. Some hotels include a free breakfast. Young people to save, prefer to rent space at the guesthouse.

higher category hotels located in the old partresort. Free space in the high season there are absent. Outside the central part of the can pick up a cheap and comfortable accommodation. The number in the 3 * hotel costs from € 120. 5 * Hotels offer rooms for 220 euros more expensive.

The cost of entertainment

In Dubrovnik, visitors can take advantage ofnumerous excursions. To visit the castle walls, you have to pay 12 euros. Admission to the Museum of Art is 9 euros for adults and 3 euros for children. To admire the inhabitants of the aquarium, you can for 12 euros. Free is the entrance to the Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary. Visit the Dominican monastery is 3 euro. The day trip from Dubrovnik to National Park on the island of Mljet will cost 230 euros.

As for a beach holiday, the beaches at the hotels are free. Pay need only rent deck chairs - 1 piece. take 2 euros. Renting a car can be 45-60 euros per day.

Dining in Dubrovnik

Breakfast can be included in the priceIn a hotel. If you plan to stay, you have to prepare yourself. The products are sold in the market and in supermarkets. The choice of food is very wide, but the prices are quite high. For example, a fruit stand at 3 euro per 1 kg of fresh shrimp - 15 euro per 1 kg. Breakfast, on average, costs 10 euros per person. Dine in the restaurant for 30-40 euros. Dinner with local food and wine costs about 50 euros more expensive.

What to buy in Dubrovnik

On the Croatian resort of tourists acquirevarious souvenirs, crafts on the theme of the sea, magnets and other trinkets. They cost cheap - 1 euro apiece. Popularity is the olive oil and aromatic oils. Over a bottle of olive oil should pay 5.5 euros.


  • Prices in Dubrovnik
  • Prices in Dubrovnik
  • Prices in Dubrovnik

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