Ski resorts in Croatia: photos, reviews. Skiing in Croatia

Skiing in Croatia

Skiing in Croatia

Croatia - is not only turquoise Adriaticwhite beaches, astringent wine and amazing food. The small European country is fraught with a lot of other advantages, one of which is its ski resorts. Croatian mountains are not very high scores in height, but because veteran gurus skiing here can be a bit boring. But the newcomers, couples with children and skiers medium-level training feel at ski resorts in Croatia is quite cozy.

The equipment and lines

One of the most famous slopes of the country - mountainSljeme. The resort is located just ten kilometers from Zagreb, so it is always lively and fun. Four Sljeme slopes have a total length of four kilometers and are serviced by three lifts, two of which - the yoke. The most difficult track of the resort Sljeme is marked in red, and even international competitions rank on it. From the vagaries of the weather athletes securely saves osnezhneniya artificial system, and lights in the evening allows us to consider the resort one of the most romantic.
Skiing in Croatia, and presented in the resortBjelolasica. Modern and technically advanced slopes Bjelolasica allow train here even the country's Olympic team. descents level is rather complicated, and six of the resort trails are four "red" label, and one and all - "black." Newbies and kids can learn how to stay on the side with the help of experienced instructors at the ski school training routes. Three lifts allow to avoid the queues and quickly deliver the athletes at the top of the mountain, and snow cannons to help cope with the problem of lack of snow, if the winter is too warm.

Activities and excursions

The proximity of the ski resorts in Croatia by citiesIt allows successfully combine their favorite sport with an informative and entertaining program. Guests are always welcome in the cozy restaurants, where the menu consists of the best local cuisine. Excursions to the national parks of the country will help to get acquainted with the unique nature of Croatia, enjoy its beauty and primeval.
Many hotels at ski resorts in Croatia offer wellness programs in a spa, relax in the inviting baths and saunas, to spend the evening in a nightclub or disco.

Photos of Croatia ski resorts

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