Croatian wines - red, dry white. The best wines of Croatia

Wines of Croatia

Wines of Croatia

Going on holiday to any Mediterraneancountry, it should be remembered that not only unified beaches there alive traveler. In Croatia, for example, there is a fascinating area of ​​wine and gastronomic tourism which participants get acquainted with the grape growing technology. For those who wanted to taste the wines of Croatia and the best dishes of its cuisine, such trips significantly added optimism, strength and excellent mood.

From ancient Rome

Artfully winemakers residents of Croatia has always had a reputation. Even in Roman times the local land were occupied by plantations of grapes, from which the prepared white and red wines. Various Croatian regions specialize in specific brands and varieties of wine. The most famous among them are worthy of a place in the global list of the best.
Dalmatia is famous for its wines from grapes of redvarieties. It serves traditional, "Merlot" and "Cabernet Sauvignon" and special Croatian - "Dingač", "Weed" and "Teran". The red wines of Croatia have a particular flavor, which is always discern notes of spices and black currant, cherry and pomegranate. They are rich in saturated color and is able to inspire the poet and the artist.
In Istria focuses more on white wines. The climate favors soft fruits, which gives the wine ringing, crystal, with a noble acidity, refreshing in a very hot afternoon.

high-end Masters

Top winemakers in Croatia are famous for allcountry, but true connoisseurs come to their winery with only one purpose - to get acquainted with the outstanding masters and taste wines of Croatia, which make up the gold reserves of the local cellars:

  • Frano Milos plant produces thousands of litersvaluable wines, the most unique of which is considered "Stagnum". Owners of local restaurants are lining up to Frano, to their visitors can enjoy fine drinks with flavors of wild cherry and violets and blackberry long aftertaste.
  • Mike Grgic winery is famous for "Chardonnay"recognized as the best in the competition between the two hundred similar. The host keeps track of process technology and is trying to keep up with the times, purchasing for its production of the latest technological innovations. At the same time the ancient traditions and customs of the Croatian wine production faithfully complied with and easy to get along with all the innovations thanks to the efforts of maestro Grgic.


  • Wines of Croatia

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