Coat of arms of the Dominican Republic: the photo, value, description

Coat of Arms of Dominican Republic

Coat of Arms of Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic, which occupied the easternpart of the island of Haiti and offshore islands, many tourists associated with the holiday paradise, complete relaxation on the shores of the Caribbean Sea. Oddly enough, the coat of arms of the Dominican Republic does not symbolize peace, on the contrary, it reflects the willingness of citizens to arms to defend the freedom and independence of the country.

dominant Emblem

The name of the state was in honor ofSt. Dominic, who was considered the protector of the residents living in these territories. They were called "Dominicans", and the colony - "Santo Domingo". a new country after independence on the map - Dominican Republic with all state attributes, including the coat of arms and flag.

Dominican Republic coat of arms was adopted back in 1844. It is clear that for decades he passed a number of amendments, last amended in 1896. Dominicans are proud to show one of the oldest among the official symbols of the New World.

At the current coat of arms of the Dominican Republic there are:

  • shield, painted in the colors of the national flag of the country;
  • different types of weapons;
  • religious symbols in the form of a crucifix and an open Bible;
  • laurel branch (left) and palm (right);
  • name of the country and the motto, drawn on the tapes.

On the role of each element depicted on the emblemDominican Republic, and the visitor can tell the country, as many of the symbols used here are traditional for the European and American heraldry. On the other hand, they reflect different stages of the country's history, important events and facts.

Bright colors and deep characters

For the official emblem of the Dominican RepublicThe authors have chosen quite bright, vivid colors that are associated with the national colors - blue, red, green, gold. In general, coat of arms looks very harmonious and palette, and the placement of individual elements.

The central place is given to the shield, whicharranged symbols of military valor and the Catholic faith. Laurus is present on the arms of many countries in the world as a symbol of glory, victory, creativity and inspiration. Olive Branch is also well known to fans of heraldry as a personification of the world. On the main symbol of the Dominican Republic, it is also a rich fauna of exotic islands.

Crowns song blue ribbon with the name of the country, from the bottom of the emblem is placed red tape, which discharged the main motto of the Dominicans - "God, Fatherland, Liberty".


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