Features of the Dominican Republic - communication, kitchen, tradition

Features of the Dominican Republic

Features of the Dominican Republic

Ordinary tourists Dominican Republicopens on one side only, as a place of eternal joy and carnival, bright colors of the sea, sky and vegetation. National features of the Dominican Republic lies in the fact that apart from the endless holiday here is the place everyday work, hard work, sincere faith.

Most of the local population are descendants of the first conquerors, who had Spanish roots. Through Catholic ancestors are celebrated all Christian holidays.

Dominican Christmas

The surroundings of this winter holiday cardinaldifferent from the usual Russian - no snow, no frost, no winter fun and games. But all the typical elements of Christmas religiously followed. From early December Christmas markets begin everywhere - sales.

The main symbol of Christmas and the coming New Year - wood - is also present, and the Dominicans decorate, to choose from:

  • real live Christmas tree;
  • artificial fir;
  • palm.

Decorating taken so that the branches, needles or palm leaves were almost not visible under a series of toys, garlands, rain brilliant and hawthorn.

Features of the Dominican culture

The influence of different peoples andnationalities. Firstly, you can still meet representatives of the Taino tribe belonging to the indigenous inhabitants of the country. Secondly, a large group consists of descendants of the first European settlers. Third, in the Dominican Republic there are many former African Americans.

This confusion is reflected in the culture of the peoplesprocesses. The first European settlers brought to the territory of the Spanish language and the Catholic faith. However, residents are still in diseases treated for medicines to indigenous people. Immigrants from Africa and their descendants are bright layer of song, dance culture.

Dominican cuisine

Local food is difficult to determine, for any of thenational cuisines. Where you can find local, African and European recipes, and based on them new dishes. Of the features of the Dominican cuisine tourists say a surprising combination of meat and vegetables, sometimes very exotic. There are popular fried bananas, but not familiar to Europeans yellow, soft fruits. The course is some sort of green bananas which can not be consumed raw. These bananas are added after cooking in soups, served as a side dish to meat and fish.


  • Features of the Dominican Republic
  • Features of the Dominican Republic
  • Features of the Dominican Republic

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