Flag of the Dominican Republic: photos, history, meaning of colors of the national flag of Dominican Republic

Flag of Dominican Republic

Flag of Dominican Republic

The flag of the Dominican Republic, approved in 1863, it is a national symbol, a coat of arms and anthem of the country.

Description and proportions of the flag of the Dominican Republic

The rectangular shaped flag Dominican flagaspect ratio is expressed by the proportion of 8: 5. flag field is divided into four equal area and form part of white stripes forming a cross in the center of the rectangle.
The upper part of the flag of the Dominican Republic adjacent to the shaft, and the lower part of the free edge are dark blue. Top right and bottom left - red field.
The blue color of the flag symbolizes the Dominican Republicfreedom and independence of its people, the red recalls the blood spilled by patriots in the struggle for sovereignty. White Cross - a belief in a better and hope for salvation.
In the center of the coat of arms of the Dominican Republic flag of the country,primary colors which are repeated color cloth. The coat of arms shows a shield with religious symbols that are important to the citizens of the Dominican Republic. It disclosed the Bible and gold cross. On either side of the book are four of the flag of the Dominican Republic and four spears. Laurel and palm branches on the emblem symbolize peace and spears reminiscent of the glorious victories over the foreign invaders. Above the shield, and under it - a blue and red ribbon inscribed with the national motto on them, and the name of the state.

History of the Dominican Republic flag

Dominican Republic free from almostthree hundred years of domination of the Spanish colonizers in 1821. Then the country's flag was the tricolor red, white and yellow. Equivalent strip width are arranged horizontally on a panel.
Soon the territory of modern Dominican RepublicIt captured the neighboring state. Catholic Cross was chosen to restore the independence of Haiti, now patriots created a secret society whose symbol, as opposed to the Haitian cult rites. The Company has received and its own flag, which came up with his head. It was Juan Pablo Duarte and later became the first legitimate president of the country, and his flag became a state after the victory of the society in 1844 in an uprising against the invaders from Haiti. The flag was placed a white cross in the center, the lower two fields have a blue color, and the top - red.
After a few years on the flag of the Dominican Republic wasapplied coat of arms, and the colored fields are staggered. In this form it and finally approved in 1863 as a national symbol.

Photo Dominican flag

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