Rest in the Dominican Republic in August: prices and weather. Where to rest in the Dominican Republic in August

Rest in the Dominican Republic in August

Rest in the Dominican Republic in August

On this amazing and rich in naturalthe beauty of the country, most tourists do not know that much. The first place among the attractions is occupied by those who created the most Mother Nature: lace rows of coral reefs, sugar deposits endless beaches, crystal yarn waterfalls.

And these are the memories leave rest inThe Dominican Republic in August. Only a spoon of tar can be heavy rains, but if we look at them as a way to break, then they will be remembered as the life-giving heavenly moisture, saving the heat.

Weather conditions in the Dominican Republic

The last month of summer breaks records intemperature, on the average it is kept at +33 ° C. Tourists claim that in this country the heat is transferred very well. This is due to high humidity, which comes to 90% and softens the effect of high temperatures.

In addition, for many holidaymakers deciding factor in choosing this country it is the water temperature, not air. Sea Baths hard to leave when the surface water warms up to +28 ° C.

The biggest trouble for tourists, which mayovertake tourists in the Dominican Republic, this tropical storms, when the weather deteriorates, the wind and the rain run the show, and the sea surface is not. It is good that the weather does not stay for a long time, the next day, you can, as if nothing had happened, sunbathe and swim.

Capital services

The capital of the state is the Santa Domingo, and tothe base of the town put his hands the brother of the famous discoverer of America. The name translates nice and simple - "Holy Sunday", in this connection, all the tourists immediately clear, in this town know how to have fun and relax.

The city is rich in historical monuments and sohere developed tourism. The old quarter of the capital even included in the UNESCO list of relevant and is under the protection of the organization. The symbol of the city is the "Columbus Lighthouse" (familiar with the history of the base clear exactly what Columbus meant).

Constant interest and admiration from touristscall the San Diego fort, palace, still referred to as "Fortress of Columbus," "Captain's Palace". A special place in the tour route in a building with a proud name "House Sash", which became the first stone building in the capital.

Columbus Memory

Dominicans still elevate the sky praying forBartholomew Columbus, brother of the well-known Christopher. Honoring the pioneer of the Dominican Republic it is shown in the preservation of the iconic places associated with his name, including the lighthouse and fort, mentioned above. In addition, in Santo Domingo is the mausoleum with the remains of a great traveler and a museum.

Photos vacation in the Dominican Republic

  • Rest in the Dominican Republic in August
  • Rest in the Dominican Republic in August

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