Rest in the Dominican Republic in January: the prices and the weather. Where to rest in the Dominican Republic in January

Rest in the Dominican Republic in January

Rest in the Dominican Republic in January

Burning permits this month practicallyfind because vacation at this time is simply magnificent. January is considered the coldest month, but if you look at everything through the eyes of Europeans, the cold weather here and does not smell. In the Dominican Republic at this time is beautiful weather - in the afternoon about + 27-28 degrees, and at night the temperature drops a few degrees. In the interior regions, where there are mountains, the climate is kind. And I must say that this is a colorful country of contrasts. Here, even in the heat on the mountain tops above $ 3 thousand. Meters above sea level is snow.

The beaches of the country

The beaches here are many, and many were awarded the Blueflags, which indicates the ecological purity of these places. Those who are fond of windsurfing usually stop in Cabarete, Sosua and Puerto Plata. It is here that the waves of the Atlantic with the most suitable for this purpose. Therefore, there is often possible to take part in competitions in the sport, or simply watch the daredevils on the crest of the waves.

It was the middle of January near Samana Peninsulagoing to humpback whales, which, overcoming enormous distances, then begin their courtship. Many tourists come here in these days, to enjoy a truly unique and unforgettable spectacle.

Where to go, what to visit?

In the capital of the Dominican Republic to visit the lighthouse Faro of Colon, where buried the discoverer of these lands - Columbus.

At about. Saona you can see the medieval city. His recreated specifically for tourists. Here there are a lot of artists and artisans.

Just a few days after the New Year,January 5, one can observe an unforgettable parade, which is attended by ... magicians, wizards and other wizards, the action takes place in Santo Domingo - a celebration of the Magi.

In January a lot of holidays in the Dominican Republic. Among them I would like to mention festivals, which are dedicated to the Day of St. Altagracia, which is the patroness of the republic. On January 12, after her begin service in Higüey.

Hotels are big set, so that you can book a room easily. Come on holiday in the Dominican Republic in January and enjoy the summer weather and warm sea!

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