Rest in the Dominican Republic in September: the prices and the weather. Where to rest in the Dominican Republic in September

Rest in the Dominican Republic in September

Rest in the Dominican Republic in September

Uniqueness - the main definition, whichIt provides a wide variety of tourists, who visited the Dominican Republic. Such beaches, seascapes and natural attractions not to be found anywhere else. Bartholomew Columbus, the nearest relative of the discoverer of the Americas, claimed that he had found a paradise island.

Rest in the Dominican Republic in September will evenlydistribute power, and absolutely quiet tourist indulges in sunny dry weather all the charms of a beach doing nothing, but with the arrival of storms and showers collects backpack and goes to get acquainted with exotic ancient monuments that are stored in the local museums.

Weather September

Dominican summer continues, its features- Heat, humidity, and in addition, torrential downpours. Forecasters say that the temperature starts to drop, but between +35 ° C (in August) and +30 ° C (in September), too much of a difference. And then there's the Caribbean tends to warm your water up to the same temperature.

In September in the Dominican Republic total to the maximum - the water temperature, the amount of precipitation. Some dry most is the capital of the country, so the rest is better to send to the other side of the foot.

Relax on the Amber Coast

This title is one of the touristDominican districts, named for the endless golden sand beaches, shimmering in the sun. Treads of the founder of the city, Bartholomew Columbus, and have left their traces here, the ruins of the house in which he lived and the church where the first service was held.

Holy Mercedes

That she is the patroness of the Dominican Republic,in whose honor across the country on September 24 organized celebrations. Tourists should join the locals on a day to visit the decorated temples, listen vigil day and incendiary folk rhythms in the evening.

Merengue in Puerto Plata

This festival of national dance of the DominicanIt ranked second in scale after the events taking place in Santo Domingo. It is held on the border of September and October, it attracts many participants. It is always interesting to learn new things about the country, where the rest. For example, that the main musical instruments that accompany the merengue, are all known accordion and national - Tambor, guiro and marimba.

As in Santa Domingo, except actually learnedmerengue dance steps in style, tourists get acquainted with the traditional Dominican cuisine, crafts, there will be no fun souvenirs with the national color.

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  • Rest in the Dominican Republic in September
  • Rest in the Dominican Republic in September

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