The population of the Dominican Republic. The population of the Dominican Republic: features, weight, composition

The population of the Dominican Republic

The population of the Dominican Republic

The population of the Dominican Republic are more than 10 million people.

In the culture of the Dominican Republic for centuries influencedvarious nations. After its discovery by Christopher Columbus in 1492, there began to live the French and Spanish colonists. In addition, there lived and African slaves.

National composition:

  • African Americans (73%);
  • Creoles and mulattos;
  • other people (Africans, Europeans).

On the 1 sq km is home to 196 people, but are densely populated areas along the northern coast, and Santo Domingo.

Official language - Spanish, but many people are able to communicate in German, English and French.

Big cities: Santo Domingo, Punta Cana, San Cristobal, Santiago de los Caballeros, Puerto Plata, San Francisco de Macorís, San Pedro de Macorís.

Most people in the Dominican Republic (95%) are Roman Catholic, and the rest - Protestantism, Orthodoxy, Judaism, local animist cults.

life expectancy

On average, residents of the Dominican Republic live up to 71 years (the average female population lives to 72, and men - up to 68 years).

The quality of medical services in the Dominican Republic directlydepends on the financial position of the patient: providing citizens and tourists, having comprehensive medical insurance, there is a highly skilled care (clinics, where doctors work, do practical work abroad, equipped with modern facilities). But, nevertheless, the country's health care system works in such a way that people living in poverty, provide free medical services.

If you are going to the Dominican Republic, it is the fate of that there is a risk of contracting diseases, occurring in temperate and tropical climates (such as malaria, yellow fever and dengue fever, tetanus, hepatitis B).

The traditions and customs of the inhabitants of the Dominican Republic

Residents of the Dominican Republic - cheerful, open,friendly, curious and very unhurried people (in the country made contact to someone "you"). Dominicans are hospitable, and so as not to offend them, should not refuse an invitation to drink flavored fresh ground coffee.

For holidays in Dominican special love - in the days of Carnival, they are having fun with all the heart, circling in the hot dances.

Going to the Dominican Republic?

  • do not take the car - in the case ofneed to book a taxi or navigate by public transport (this is due not only to complex motion that puzzled an experienced driver-tourist, but also a high risk of being beaten and robbed);
  • for drinking, cooking and brushing teeth it is advisable to use bottled water;
  • withdraw money from the card only in bank branches (it is better not to do it in the street ATMs), and do not use credit cards to pay for services in shops and cafes.


  • The population of the Dominican Republic

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