Prices in the Dominican Republic - products, souvenirs, transportation. How much money to take to the Dominican Republic

Prices in the Dominican Republic

Prices in the Dominican Republic

Prices in the Dominican Republic is largely dependent on the timeyear, type of accommodation, the area of ​​the country in which you are going to go on vacation. For example, the most expensive hotels are located in Santo Domingo, while Samana is known for its low-cost housing. But in general, prices in the Dominican Republic, high (you can pay off as the Dominican peso and US dollar).

Shopping and souvenirs

In the tourist areas of the country offers numerous souvenir shops and boutiques.

What to bring from the Dominican Republic

  • traditional Dominican doll (ceramic figure without a face), parrots figurines made of wood and limestone, paintings by local artists, jewelry;
  • Brugal rum, and coffee.

In the Dominican Republic can be purchasedred, blue, amber or green (the cost can reach $ 500), a cigar - $ 2-18 / 1 piece, rum - $ 20 leather shoes - $ 100, shirts - from $ 10, coffee - $ 10-15 / 1 kilogram mamahuanu (Dominican healing tincture) - from $ 15, jewelry from Larimar - from $ 5 dolls Limei - from $ 3, shells and starfish - from $ 1.


On a tour of the Santo Domingo youvisit the grotto Los Tres Ojos, which is famous for lakes with salt water, fresh water and sulfuric; monument "Columbus Lighthouse"; Alcazar Palace; walk along the street Dame; You see the National Pantheon and the Cathedral. The approximate cost of the tour - $ 85 per adult and $ 65 - for the child.

Gathered on a trip to the island of Saona, youreach his speed boat. And on the island you will have to wait for the white beach, the sea and a delicious lunch. But before that, you will be delivered to the city of Altos de Chavon - here you walk along the streets and visit the local amphitheater. Duration of the tour with lunch - $ 95 per adult and $ 50 - for the child.

On vacation in the Dominican Republic should go totour includes visits to the Cave "Fun-Fun": here you will be able to see the natural pattern by stalactites. Move through the cave using special funds (special equipment you will go down to a depth of 18 meters) you will be accompanied by an instructor. Excursions + lunch + provision of special equipment for lowering costs an average of $ 120.


A cinema ticket will cost you $ 5, massage - 10-20$, Riding on an ATV - $ 70 / day, whale watching + rafting - $ 300, jeep safari - $ 100, a yacht walk + visiting the islands + fishing - $ 1500 (all day), a 20-minute walk in a helicopter over Punta Cana - $ 160, diving - $ 230.


The bus is considered to be one of the most expensive typestransport - for movement within the cities you pay $ 3 for a trip from one region to another - $ 6. If you decide to travel by taxi, then for 1 km path you will pay $ 05.04 (as counters in the local taxi not, then it is advisable to agree on a price with the driver beforehand).

If you decide to rent a car, the rent here you'll pay at least $ 60 per night + $ 200 - in the form of a deposit guarantee fee.

Minimum costs on vacation in the Dominican Republic amount to about $ 100 for 1 person.


  • Prices in the Dominican Republic
  • Prices in the Dominican Republic
  • Prices in the Dominican Republic

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