What is the sea in the Dominican Republic? The sea in the Dominican Republic: photos, map

Sea Dominican Republic

Sea Dominican Republic

An upscale beach vacation, sea Dominican Republic, itsCarnival and amazing historical sites - the main reasons for the popularity of the distant Caribbean nation. By the way, the answer to the question of what the sea washes the Dominican Republic, and sounds - the Caribbean.

All shades of turquoise

Even artists are lost when asked about theirthe color of the Caribbean. It is inimitable in all weathers and in all seasons, and its range of colors can be expressed in one word - a delight! The rainy season begins in the Dominican Republic in mid-May and lasts until the first autumn days. At other times, nothing can overshadow a beach holiday and a diverse program of excursions for those who are not afraid of a long flight, and did not spare the money to buy their dream tour.
The water temperature in the Caribbean at the resortsDominican ranges from +25 to +28 degrees, which makes it especially comfortable bathing in it. Diving fans here - a real paradise, and each dive is accompanied by amazing discoveries and observations. For those interested in numbers, seem interested in the following facts:

  • Caribbean area exceeds 2.5 million sq. M. km.
  • The greatest depth of the sea is nearly 8.8 km. This point is in the gutter near the Cayman Islands.
  • The first Europeans to set foot on the shores of the Caribbean in 1492. It was the expedition of Christopher Columbus.
  • Piracy has emerged here in the XVII century, and the representatives of the illegal business practice attack on the ships until the first half of the XIX century.
  • In 1914, the Panama Canal was opened, linking the Caribbean Sea with the Pacific Ocean.
  • The concentration of salts in the Caribbean is about 36%. This is slightly less than in the Mediterranean Sea.

outside Ocean

When asked what the sea in the Dominican Republic, you cananswer and a little different than just "Caribbean". North and north-east of its coast is washed by the North Atlantic Ocean, which is the second step of the podium for the largest water surface, mid-depth and volume of water after the Pacific.
The main attraction in the area of ​​the AtlanticDominican Republic - coral reefs, which are the object of attention of divers from around the world. The island of Cayo Levantado, located in Samana Bay, attracts fans of secluded beach holiday. Here you can watch a variety of birds in their natural habitat, and at the end of winter to see humpback whales.

Photos coast of the Dominican Republic

  • Sea Dominican Republic

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