A trip to the Dominican Republic

A trip to the Dominican Republic

A trip to the Dominican Republic

Beaches with white sand, medieval buildings, first-class rum - this is the trip to the Dominican Republic.

Public transport

Public transport in the country is presented in the following categories:

  • Conventional buses.
  • Express Bus. They make flights between certain points in accordance with the schedule.
  • "Gua-gua".
  • Collective Taxi "Carro-publikas". They go on certain routes.
  • Taxi.

Price directions, even over long distances is not more than a hundred pesos.


Local taxi drivers do not use meters. Just has already set fares between certain places, so, as they say, "bargaining is not appropriate."

Find a car can be about any major hotel,shopping center. In short, where most tourists. Services offered and government, and small (private) companies. At the same time the technical condition of vehicles in large companies is much better than the small firmochek. Remember that the cost of travel on the territory of the city can not be higher than 50 pesos.

If desired, you can also use the services of a private cab, but the price should always negotiate before landing.


In the Dominican Republic there are six major airports,taking international flights. But domestic flights are very poorly developed. The main domestic airline - the company «Air Santo Domingo», which operates regular flights from the capital to the popular resort areas. Besides air performed and small companies, which are also on light aircraft and helicopters deliver tourists in the right place for them.

Railway transport

Railroads country presented narrow-gauge railway, designed to deliver supplies to the sugar plantations, and Santo Domingo Metro.

Water transport

Tourists are offered to make a pleasure trip on the yacht to nearby islands.

Car rental

You can rent a car if desired, but it will cost a fortune. Rental rules are standard:

  • the driver must be over 25 years old;
  • be in possession of a driver's license of international standard;
  • availability of credit.

Mandatory registration of insurance - is another important condition. But rent a motorcycle or moped can be without it.

General information on the country

Traffic on the country's right-hand traffic. State of the main road is quite satisfactory, but it is often possible to meet the workers, reducing another part of the track after it washed away any dirt brought. The roads in the province are most often a track of normal thumb.


  • A trip to the Dominican Republic
  • A trip to the Dominican Republic

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