The capital of Haiti map, photo. What is the capital of Haiti?

Port-au-Prince - Haiti's capital

Port-au-Prince - Haiti's capital

The Republic of Haiti is located on the same islandand divide this piece of land with the Dominican Republic. This state is an island. Most of the ten-millionth of the population live on the main island, and the rest - in the surrounding. In the capital of Haiti, Port-au-Prince, home to around 900,000 people.


The city is a very beautiful place. It is hidden from prying eyes in the Gulf of Gonaïves. Since ancient times, this town was the economic and commercial center of the state. The French colonialists established the capital in 1749, immediately after that, up to the present day city is the largest population center of the country.

Port-au-Prince is clearly divided into districts. Sleeping areas are located on a hill, away from the Gulf. Commercial buildings and business districts, in contrast, are built closer to the water. The exact number of people who live in the city, no one can say. The fact that the suburbs of the capital covered hills on which grow rapidly slums. Many believe that the entire population of the city is about 3.7 million inhabitants, which is about half the population of the entire state.

In 2010, Haiti held a strong earthquake, which claimed the lives of 230 thousand people. Most of the buildings were destroyed or damaged.

The cultural importance of the city

Port-au-Prince - a very peculiar villageparagraph. The city center and along beautiful thanks to their homes, made of white stone. Particular attention has always attracted tourists from the area of ​​Champs de Mars. Here, talented architects were able to skillfully and organically combine the wonderful park and the area, where parades are held regularly. Independence Square is also a beautiful sight.

In the history and life of the state city of Port-au-PrinceIt occupies a large place. Among the main attractions of note are Fort St. Jacques and Cathedral of the Holy Trinity. Each of these facilities carries its meaning and means a lot to the city residents.

Every year hundreds of thousands of tourists come to the capital of the Republic of Haiti. They want to relax on the wonderful resorts and enjoy the exotic nature.


  • Port-au-Prince - Haiti's capital
  • Port-au-Prince - Haiti's capital
  • Port-au-Prince - Haiti's capital

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