Airports Jordan - Jordan's list of international airports

Airports Jordan

Airports Jordan

In the Middle East Jordan rush for touristsinteresting excursions to ancient Nabataean city in search of a beach holiday on the Red Sea. And the country offers the treatment at the Dead Sea and trips to natural reserves of Wadi Rum. When planning a vacation, will have to choose and Jordan Airport, which will be most suitable for the implementation of the plans.
Russian tourists have the opportunity toto fly to the capital Air Harbor a direct flight from Moscow's Domodedovo on the wings of Royal Jordanian Airlines. The journey takes approximately 4 hours.

International Airports Jordan

Both Jordan international airport are named after the royal osoob:

  • The main air gateway of the country are located in the 35kilometers south of Amman, and named after Queen Alia. Details of the flight schedule, the services for passengers and transfer to the capital can be found on the airport's website -
  • King Hussein Airport is designed toTravelers arriving in the Jordanian beaches. The city where the airport is located, is called Aqaba. It is situated on the shores of the Bay of the Red Sea, and has dozens of hotels for a beach holiday.

metropolitan area

International Airport Jordan to them. Queen Alia is a base for the aircraft of the national carrier Royal Jordanian. From this day will start side in Cairo and London, Sharjah and Algeria, Dubai and Frankfurt, Istanbul and Sharm el-Sheikh. Getting from Moscow to Amman and possible connecting flights via the airlines Lufthansa, Air France, Etihad Airways, Turkish Airlines, Aegean Airlines and many others.
The new terminal at the capital's air harbor was opened in 2013. Designers inspired terminal Bedouin tent, with the result that the terminal roof is reminiscent of their outlines.
For passenger services - shops Duty Free,playrooms for children, restaurants and souvenir shops, currency exchange, and free wireless internet. Transfer to the city is conveniently organized by a shuttle departing every half hour. To get to the Jordanian capital, and can take a taxi or rent a car in the arrivals area.

On the beach resorts

Passengers flying, landing at the airportJordan in Aqaba, usually seek on a beach holiday to the Red Sea resort. However, within a radius of 20 km from the airfield located border city of Israel and Egypt, allowing you to use this airport and those who flew to rest in the neighboring states.
Air Gates are named Aqaba King Hussein andtake domestic flights from Amman International - Dubai and Istanbul. The season here land side Jetairfly Finnair and Helsinki and Brussels, as well as charter flights from Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Belgrade, Milan and Stockholm.
Despite its small size, Jordan Aqaba Airport offers passengers a standard set of services, including gift shops, cafes, banks and mail and lounges VIP-persons.


  • Airports Jordan
  • Airports Jordan
  • Airports Jordan

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