The currency in Jordan: the exchange, importation, money. What is the currency in Jordan?

The currency in Jordan

The currency in Jordan

National Money Jordan - a "Jordaniandinars »(JOD- international designation) piastres (dihramy) and fils. They refer to each other as 1: 100: 1000. More Used walks of the dinar, called "kyrsh" (1 kyrsh is 0,001 dinars).
The address can be seen as denominations of banknotes from 1 to 50 dinars and coins. Fils almost ceased to occur in use, although they can be caught coins of 5, 10, 25 and 100 fils.
The national currency of the country has experienced overa long history of many changes, starting with the Syrian tetradrachms, Roman coins and ending the Palestinian pound, which in 1950 replaced the Jordanian Dinar. Until 1992, all the coins minted in the Arabic language, and then they began to use English.

Currency Exchange in Jordan

You can exchange money on arrival - at the airport(There is the unfavorable exchange rate) in the bank (closed on Saturdays and Fridays), or exchange office as well as in the hotel, where, perhaps, will be the most favorable rate. When exchanging money should keep the receipt or certificate, as the change in the Jordanian Dinar currency of your country at the end of travel will be possible only if these documents. In Jordan, you can safely use plastic cards to withdraw cash from ATMs. Pay with card is possible in almost any institution, up to a small trade shops, but the bank's commission can sometimes be about 5%. Most banks accept traveler's checks, but will have to pay a commission of 5-7 JD, regardless of the amount. Some shops also accept traveler's checks for payment, but the commission, again, is quite high.


If you have a question, what currency to take inJordan, you should select US dollars. Also suitable and Euro, but he valued much lower, and accepted everywhere. Cost of 1 Jordanian dinar lately is about 1.4 US dollar.
Pay off somewhere foreign currency almostimpossible, unless in a taxi and shops near the airport. Russian Ruble in Jordan do not need to borrow at all. This currency you can not have no where else to exchange or pay it.


When leaving Jordan, currency amount shall notexceed 300 dinars per person. Import of currency in Jordan, another State is not limited, although it is best to declare the imported amount (which currency was imported to Jordan, the same currency in the same amount are allowed to export). Import of Israeli currency in Jordan is strictly prohibited.


  • The currency in Jordan

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