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Traditional cuisine of Jordan

Traditional cuisine of Jordan

Power in Jordan is characterized by the fact that inlocal establishments you can have a meal at a very reasonable price. In the cities, you'll find dining options with international cuisine (Arab and European dishes), but in the provinces of your choice will be restricted - visitors here offer only local dishes.

Food in Jordan

At the heart of the Jordanian dishes are Lebanese, Syrian, Israeli and culinary habits of the peoples of Saudi Arabia: local food is not very spicy - they are fragrant and spicy.

The diet consists of meat Jordanians(Veal, lamb, chicken), fish, vegetables, fruit, rice, beans. Traditional dishes seasoned with mint, various herbs, garlic, pepper, lemon juice, nuts.

Locals love meat dishes - theyboiled, baked, stewed and roast it on the grill (meat, usually served rice or potatoes). Not less popular in the country enjoy the soups, so pay attention to the lentil soup with chicken, potatoes, lemon juice, carrots, spices, onions and herbs, as well as to enjoy the taste of chicken soup, which is prepared from herbs, leaves mluhii, garlic and onion .

In Jordan, should enjoy a kebab; balls of mashed potatoesbeans, beans or chickpeas, fried ( "filafel"); lamb, steamed with a yogurt-based sauce, served with vegetables and rice ( "Mansaf"); fish with rice ( "sayadeh"); cold cuts ( "MASHAV"); pottage of lentils and chicken with onions and lemon ( "ADAS"); a dish of meat, rice, potato, eggplant and spices ( "maklyuba"); paste puree of chickpeas with garlic, olive oil and lemon juice ( "hummus").

Sweet Tooth will be able to eat baklava, whichreferred to herein baklyava (it is made from honey and pistachios), sesame biscuits ( "Sim-Sim"), light milk mousse (muhalyabiya), guava dessert, with all kinds of ice cream.

In Jordan will be plenty to choose from and vegetarians -they will be able to taste the tomatoes, fried or stewed with spices and garlic (for them you will be served rice or pita bread); vegetable casseroles and salads; Beans cooked with rice and tomato sauce.

Where to eat in Jordan? At your service:

  • cafes and restaurants, offering its guests to taste local and international cuisine;
  • restaurants of international fast food chains(Burger King, McDonalds, Pizza Hut), and places with a local fast food (in Abu Jbarah can be ordered falafel in El Kalha - falafel and hummus, and in Al-Daya 'and Reem - Shawarma).

Drinks in Jordan

Jordanians are popular drink teamint, coffee with cardamom, shaneeneh (salty-sour yogurt from goat's milk), sahlab (coconut-milk mousse with cinnamon), fruit juices, beer, wine, arak (aniseed liqueur).

Gastronomic tour in Jordan

The gastronomic tour you will visit Jordanlocal restaurants, which feature national style and coloring. Also, for you to organize a trip to this Jordanian family and Cooking Class - you will be acquainted with the life of this family will be taught to prepare national dishes and cooked dishes you can enjoy along with the house owners.

Hotels in Jordan, you canenjoy the view of the unusual desert landscape, swim in the Red or Dead Sea, to go on an excursion to Petra, visit the popular nature reserves, enjoy the colorful and unforgettable Arabian dishes.

Photos of Jordan national dishes

  • Traditional cuisine of Jordan
  • Traditional cuisine of Jordan
  • Traditional cuisine of Jordan

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