Holidays in Jordan in December: the prices and the weather. Where to rest in Jordan in December

Holidays in Jordan in December

Holidays in Jordan in December

While most of the European countriespreparing for the coming winter and did dress up Christmas trees, the sunny beaches of Jordan flooded by crowds of tourists. Holidays in Jordan in December can be easily associated with a good beach holiday. Weather predisposes to frequent trips to the beach and swimming in the warm local waters.

Weather in Jordan in December

In the afternoon the air temperature warms up to +23 +25 degrees. Although often mark the thermometer does not exceed the figure of 22 degrees. At night the temperature drops sharply, it is necessary to consider all the guests of the country, regardless of their chosen months of rest in the country. On the territory of the country in December falls quite a bit of rain. Showers are possible, but they are rather rare and mostly typical for the northern part of the country. Given this fact, it is necessary to take warm clothes for evening walks and rare rainy days.

With health benefits

It provides local beaches provide a wide range of different water
forms of entertainment. Here come those who are able to combine business with pleasure. On the territory of the local resorts there are many treatment centers and beauty spas.

Very popular is the coastRed Sea, the waters of which affect its underwater beauty. Here, diving is a pleasure. Therapeutic Dead Sea gifts are used for improving the course mud, salt and even sea water. It promotes the improvement of the body itself, the climate that helps to cure diseases such as
bronchitis and various neurological diseases.

Prices for winter holidays in Jordan

Despite the high attendance by tourists of the countryIn December, prices on vacation quite affordable in a given month. Therefore, for a very reasonable amount you can book a room in quite a decent hotel and quietly spend time on the beach.

Among the cultural attractions of the country stand out:
1. The city of Petra;
2. The Church of the Nativity;
3. Jordan River;
4. Church of the prophet Moses;
5. The city of Madaba, also known as Jerash;
6. Mount St. Elijah the Prophet;
7. Desert - Wadi Rum Museum.

Monuments of the country's architecture astonishinglymagnificence. In almost every town there is a place that still retains an echo of history. Not to mention the famous oriental sweets that are sold here in abundance. Even in December, the price of food and souvenirs are available.

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