Resorts in Jordan: photos, description

Resorts Jordan

Resorts Jordan

Space and fantastic desert landscapesWadi Rum and the pink city of Petra, carved into the rocks by the ancient Nabataeans, the Dead Sea and the amazing diving in the Red Sea - the charms and amazing discoveries on vacation in the resorts of Jordan without number.

"For" or "Against"?

For a trip to Jordan Russian tourist visa is required, but that the formalities and inconvenience to an end. We can only evaluate the merits and choose a suitable resort and hotel:

  • Flights to Jordan capital runseveral Russian airlines, and last about four hours. Further transfer to the resort towns is quite accessible by public transport, which is completely safe, and air-conditioned.
  • Hotels in the Jordan resorts very comfortable and with a knowledge of English at least at the school level of the guests will not have problems in communicating with the staff.
  • The microclimate of the resort on the Red Sea allows you to rest here 12 months a year, even in the hottest season in Aqaba is much more comfortable than in Egypt or Turkey.

Near the Dead Sea

Only two states have the honor to receive guests on the shores of the Dead Sea and Jordan resorts in this sense is much more preferable.
Firstly, the Jordanian coast of the salt lake in the world can boast hotels with private beaches, the entrance to which is only available to guests.
A wide range of spa treatments andto treat certain dermatological diseases - not the only argument in favor of choice is Jordan resorts. Prices for accommodation in local hotels slightly lower than on the opposite shore, and the comfort and service in no way inferior to the level of the neighboring country hotels.
An interesting feature of the Dead Sea in the north - waves generated from a tributary of the Jordan River is in the pond.

Always in the TOP

The main beach resort of Jordan - a greatAqaba on the Red Sea. The city is surrounded by mountains, so here do not penetrate exhausting the hot desert winds, even in the height of summer. The water temperature in the bay, on the contrary, and in July, is stored in the area 25, so swimming in the Red Sea is pleasantly refreshing.
Among the pleasures of the beach resort of Jordan- A typical set of entertainment on the beach, water sports and boat trips along the bay and yacht. Special attention to Aqaba divers, because the local underwater world is a remarkable diversity and colorfulness.

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  • Resorts Jordan
  • Resorts Jordan

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