Trip to Jordan

Trip to Jordan

Trip to Jordan

Most of its territory is occupiedlifeless desert, and, nevertheless, a trip to Jordan will be very interesting and informative. Do not forget about places like the legendary Peter - a city carved into the rocks, seaside Aqaba, wonderful waters of the Red Sea and of course the amazing scenery of the valley of Wadi Rum.

Urban transport

Conventional buses that pass through a specificroute, there are only four cities: Amman; Zarqa; Aqaba; Irbid. In addition to them by city shuttle mini-bus and beads. Schedule as such is absent. Buses just follow along its route in easy-to-driver mode. Minibuses are sent only after the cabin filled with passengers.

In provincial towns such as Kerak, or Shun only mini-beads go through the city.

For guests of the country to use city buses is extremely difficult, since all the inscriptions on the buses exclusively in Arabic.


The most comfortable option around the city - taxi. There you will find two types of taxis:

  • shuttle (car painted white) move on certain routes;
  • ordinary taxi (yellow cars).

The yellow taxis have a counter, but the price of the trip must be negotiated in advance.

Taxis are only used within the city. If there is a need for long-distance travel, you'll have to obtain and pay for a special permit.

Intercity buses

The main carrier is the company JETT. Bus routes cover most of the settlements and at the same time quite comfortable.

Tickets are best booked in advance, but you can buy at the box office bus. But then you have to confirm the trip, turned into a special fund.

Besides the official carriers engaged in cartingand private firms. But remember that they do not have a schedule, and the car is not so easy. Send private traders at least fill the cabin. Directions will be paid directly to the driver.


The flights are carried out by two companies: Royal Jordanian; Royal Wings. From the country can fly to Amman, Damascus, Aqaba and Tel Aviv. Domestic flight only one in Amman - Aqaba. The flights are made four times a day. trip duration less than an hour.

On the territory of the country only three of airport complex:

  • Queen Aliya - International Airport, located to the south of Amman;
  • Marka (located directly at the Amman);
  • Aqaba Airport (international).

Railway transport

Railway communication is only on site-Mafraq Amman. Next, the train should be in Damascus (Syria). Dispatched part twice a week - on Monday and Tuesday.

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  • Trip to Jordan
  • Trip to Jordan
  • Trip to Jordan

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