Where better to relax in the Jordan. Where to go to Jordan?

Where to rest in Jordan

Where to rest in Jordan

Jordan - one of the oldest historical siteson our planet. Deciding to spend their holidays here, many think about where to go for a vacation in Jordan. During its existence the country has experienced the influence of many civilizations that only added to her uniqueness and charm, which survives today in the form of historical monuments and a number of relics.

Most of the country is covered by desert, which makesthe climate is mild and dry. The most beautiful time to in the spring. It was at this time begins to blossom black iris - the national flower of Jordan, as well as awaken other beautiful flora and fauna.

Autumn and winter are pretty cool, there are rains and gusty winds. In November, the snow may even fall. Deciding to spend a vacation in Jordan this time of year, it is necessary to stock up on warm clothes and shoes.

The people here are very friendly and, despite the Muslim faith, there are no strict rules for clothing. Talking to the locals can be in English or Russian language.

Sightseeing holidays

It was in Jordan is one of the wonders of the world -Peter. This is truly a unique city is located in the mountains, which nature paints in different colors depending on the season: purple, dark red, pink. The main entrance to Petra Siq gorge considered. According to legend, it was formed with the impact of the staff of Moses. Passing through the gorge, you can not only walk, but taking the horse or camel. In the valley you can see many sculptures that have survived since ancient times.

The capital Amman and its ancient citadel will not leaveanyone indifferent. Roman amphitheater, Byzantine church, the ancient temple of Hercules tell lots of interesting stories. Amman is sure to walk the streets and see the old churches, squares and fountains perfectly preserved. Visit the Temple of Zeus, Artemis, and of course, the Hippodrome.

Biblical place

The trip will take place in Jordan, wasted, if notvisit biblical sites: Bethany, Madaba and Mount Nebo. At Mount Nebo, Moses the prophet resting and this is one of the best places where you can admire the beauty of the Dead Sea and the Jordan Valley.

Ecological tourism

Aqaba - the only seaside resort of the country. The crystal clear water of the Red Sea, combined with a favorable climate, makes the resort a desirable place for diving. The infrastructure of the resort is fully focused on the people who prefer to carry only a healthy lifestyle.

Dead Sea - one of the lowest points on the planet, it is worth a visit and admire its beauty and uniqueness.

safari tour will be interesting to fans of thrills and interested in wildlife and the castle of Kerak and Wadi Rum leave a lot of positive emotions for a long time.

When deciding where to go for a vacation in Jordan, is first to determine the sights of the country that you would like to see, as well as the time of year for holiday.

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